Is Sample Transfer really such a nightmare?

i wanted to transfer some samples from my computer to the rytm. it seems like it’s super easy to make the rytm and c6 crash doing this. i tried transferring a long sample and the c6 as well as the rytm always crashed sooner or later in the process. not only for long samples though. there seemed to be some samples it was allergic to, and which always made it crash.

maybe i’m doing something wrong. is there a specific bitrate/samplerate that is not supported? which filetypes are supported? couldn’t really find that in the manual…


Converting to 16 bit 48Khz mono is a good idea since it’s what the AR sample engine uses and in the process faulty WAV file headers are fixed.

At least with earlier OS versions setting the midi port configuration to USB only (and not USB+Midi) seemed to help to avoid problems.

With the latest version of C6 and the AR firmware sample transfer works better for me but I still have a problem with the transfer just stoping if I transfer more then one sample at the time. Like I set up 30 samples and start the transfer and after what seems totally random number of transfers it stops.

The main issue for me is that sample transfers take a lot of time. Like crazy long time. The turbo mode is 8 to 10 times faster then regular midi transfer but still very slow compared to file transfer to a USB device.

I hope Elektron have plans to make the AR mount as an USB drive or something like that to give us better transfer rates.

yeah expecting some work to be done on that as well. not ideal by a longshot as it is right now.

but cheers for that tip. i’ll try converting the files in ableton first next time.

So wait you can only transfer samples via C6/sysex only, no drag n drop USB like the OT? wow what a drag no pun intended

Yeah, C6/sysex only. Still, better then a 3.5 floppy drive… :smiley: Oh wait, a floppy might be faster actually. :sob:

Yup, it’s a real pain indeed. It takes FOREVER. And sometimes stops randomly.
I am assuming that Overbridge will fix this, so for now i’m just transferring short samples.
Good luck transferring a whole bunch of 2 bar loops. :sleepy:

The random stopping of file transfers is most likely a bug. I hope Elektron fixes that one soon.

Wouldn’t be so freaking annoying if the transfer didn’t take so long. Prepare and setting up C6 with about 100 samples that will take one hour to transfer is doable since I can do other things while the transfer is running. But coming back after one hour and only 23 samples where transferred is frustrating to say the least. :sob:

Indeed, this has happened to me a lot too. Now I transfer 1 sample at a time, just to be sure.

I’m hoping it is a bug, and I’m hoping it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

I agree… Sample transfer is painfully slow, considering it’s USB 2.0. One thing I can’;t help but wonder, though, is if it will speed up with future updates, simply due to the fact that the promises of Overbridge presumably rely an a very rapid data transfer speed between the computer and the AR.

So, either it’ll get sped up, or Overbridge is going to have a problem…

Shit, I thought the slow file transfer thing was just me, but it sounds like it’s normal. Unbelievably slow. I used to load cassette games on my Amstrad faster. Type of thing you need to leave running overnight! Pffff, not good enough.

It takes a fair amount of time for me. Nothing I can’t put up with though, I find the SDS setting in config works faster than if I choose WAV or AIF (depending on the file type)…I guess you guys know this already though, and of course the turbo option helps.

I’ve managed to get about 200 samples over in about 2 hours I guess. That’s with setting up directories and projects etc. and having a little fiddle in between uploads :slight_smile:

Sample management isn’t great. I’d love a mountable USB style drive to manually load samples AND to manage them on the device. Currently managing samples and folders within the RYTM is HORRIBLE.

to start with I found it a nightmare but it was simply the settings in the c6 software were not set up.

I have transferred close to 150 samples so far and no real problems. It stop after 15 files today but I am not even sure I had selected them all. Re-transferred them and it done 33 in a few minutes.

btw, I am rendering my samples to 16bit mono 44.1khz. No problems with this. If your samples are lower the 48k, no need to up-sample.

And check the C6 settings!! :slight_smile: