Is the Analog Rytm not compatible with Osx 10.9.5?

I have mac osx 10.9.5 and tried installing the over bridge on my computer and it just won’t read my device. Ive tried installing a hundred times and I just can’t seem to get this right. Any suggestions?

Did you enable overbridge mode on the rytm in the Global -> System -> Usb Config menu?


Once I go to my system menu i only have these three options (Calibration,os Upgrade, & Format+drive)
No usb option, thats probably why I can get this to work.
My analog Rytm says Is using 1.02F when I start it up, maybe need to upgrade or downgrade my computer or device?

Download and install the latest OS version (currently 1.30C) for the Analog Rytm:


Okay cool, now that i downloaded the upgrade.
How would I send the sysex file to the elektron rytm if my computer usb won’t read it?

Have you tried using Elektron’s C6 software?

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Yes I just downloaded it. And dragged the file in but no progress was made.
Does this only work with midi or can I use a usb cable?

What have you been trying so far?

USB is probably faster. Make sure you switch the AR’s ‘USB Config’ option to ‘USB-MIDI only’ and not ‘Overbridge Mode’.

If you haven’t done so already, I strongly recommend that you read the instructions on the first page of the information file that you downloaded with the 1.30C OS file.


practice saving out and reading in a kit or sound before you try to update the OS if you’re not at all sure what’s what … don’t risk bricking it

use a reliable midi device if the USB is behaving oddly and enable DIN MIDI

Read the Instructions as Peter said, and backup anything you’ve got that you may like should something go wrong (not likely normally, but if you’re having issues or are unsure it’s best to be safe)

don’t do anything rash, be patient etc etc

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C6 will only read my device when its in play mode. Once I go into the settings to transfer the file it will remove my device from the configuration menu. I tried doing all of this with the manuals open.
Just can’t seem to get to usb configuration menu through Global>System. The only options i have there are (Calibration, Os upgrade, Format) Nothing about usb or over bridge.

Forget Overbridge, you can’t use that until you SAFELY update the OS

If you’re feeling on shaky ground, just use normal MIDI devices and practice first with saving out , then sending in

Do not mess about during OS updates, it’s normally very easy and I’ve never had an issue or lost a file, using C6 with a device in USB midi mode relies on you booting up C6 and immediately seeing the Turbo button lit … if it’s not, then you’re not in USB mode

That’s an old OS, so the route to enabling MIDI may have changed if you read current manual, have a look through all menus on the AR until you find midi config, then set midi to USB or USB+DIN (the speed is not a concern at this stage)

Then once you’ve got the midi save / load for sounds e.g. all sorted then move on to sending the OS, use the OS update receive option buried somewhere in a menu only when you know you have reliable midi i/o and don’t cut corners