Is the STROM app the only way to sample into the RYTM?

From my understanding, the Analog RYTM has a stereo input pair, but (incredibly) it can’t be used to sample into the unit. A friend of mine has said that he uses the app to get around this, which seems incredibly clumsy, but it works for him.

Is this really the only way?

don t know if there is another way but strom is not easy to use and no manual available and the editor doesn t continu to update this expensive app!!!
and sampling with the ipad input mic doesn t give good result for me, always lot of buzz and noise but some people love it!

Yamaha SU10 :wink:

So SDS works? Hmm.

I guess overbridge will be another way to get samples into the AR.

Regarding Strom, I don’t understand how people say they have a hard time with it. I personally record into other apps, snip out the parts I like, copy, paste into Audio Share and open them in Strom. Then upload…
Or mess with it in Strom, then upload.

Elektron C6 application (Win and Mac) is the best way IMHO. 99,9 % of the time I have the sample in wav format on my computer so going via Strom to get it into my Rytm is just a waste of time.

Strom is a killer app for the Analog Rytm and I hope there will be updates to come.

I like Strom because most of the time I sample my modular or other gear into the iPad through the interface that I use with my iPad.

It makes it decently quick.