Is there a way to "fake" poly with Monomachine?

Just wondering if there is a way to play polyphonic chords from an external keyboard with the MnM?

Thanks :smiley:

Yes there is. It has a poly mode just for this. You don’t even have to fake it =)

Press Function+poly (below function) and it will, by default, turn the machine you’re currently playing to a 6-note-polyphony polysynth, at the expense of not being able to play or sequence the other machines.

Thanks guys! I think I’m going to get one. :wink:

also super ens allows 3 extra voices that you can p-lock the pitch
you can hear the super ens in this MnM only track

You’re getting some fantastic MnM percussion tones btw :+1:

arpeggiator with 1x speed will do that for you, if you’re looking for oldschool videogames type of chords

You’re getting some fantastic MnM percussion tones btw :+1:[/quote]
thanks, :+1: its a beast

I went thru a phase of only using the mnm to make “complete”
I was quite pleased with the results at the time, it took some effort though :zonked: