Is there an updated manual available?

Hey guys, I just picked up a Digitakt and printed out the manual to teach myself. However, I’ve found some things have been changed (preview sample, etc.) that are not reflected in the manual I printed from the Elektron site.

Is there an unofficial manual with correct information or a summary of updated shortcuts? This is pretty frustrating. :upside_down_face:

P.S I’d love to see someone breakdown the preset Beauty. There are lots of silent steps I’d love to see how they work.

Preview sample has always been func+yes. How is it different for you?

The manual on the elektron site should be the most current.

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“Press the [TRIG] key of the active track to preview the sound.” pg 24.

You can download the manual from their website to see for yourself.

Previewing a sound used to require a simple press of a trig but it was changed to func+ yes to accommodate the sound pool functions.

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Did you download the manual from the digitakt support page itself or from the first hit on Google when searching for ‘digitakt manual’?
In the latest manual it does say func+yes.


Let’s not confuse the original poster. Samples and sounds are different. Previewing a sample has always been func+yes.

Samples were not mentioned, just sounds.

Reread the first post, second sentence. Person mentioned sample preview, not sound preview. They are two separate functions.

I think their second post cleared up any confusion the first may have left and since the button combo for that function was indeed added later it seemed more relevant to answer based on what they meant rather than holding them to count on a small wording mistake that many other Digitakt owners have made, it was after all you who mentioned sample preview and func+yes together, the op was more specific in response.

the second response led me to believe that the user may be confused about the difference between sounds and samples. no one had bothered to mention to the original poster there was a difference between sounds and samples til I responded to you. It is not just a small word difference and has cause a lot of confusion since the digitakt came out, especially with new users. Sounds and samples differ.

I was holding you to the wording as my responses was to you, not the op

We should probably end this exchange it’s Veering off topic. And func+yes is ultimately the answer for the op about previewing samples.

Apologies to everyone here. I didn’t mean to start up the great sound vs sample war again. @DaveMech was correct in his assumption that I was downloading it from the top hit in google. Which in my defence was from the website!

However, if anyone as daft as me is in the same situation I hope you can read this and know that this [](http://Digitakt Manual 2018 Link) is the current one at the time of writing.


Is there a physical Digitakt Manual available for purchase?

I have the “quick start” guide included in the box, and I will print the full PDF if a hard copy doesn’t exist.

No physical manual available unfortunately.


Thank you. I just finished printing.