Is there any led light flow on rytm mk2 when power on?

i have both rytm mk1 and mk2
every time when the power turned on,mk1 machine will show very beautiful led light flow,and mk2 wouldn’t,my octa mk1 also have this light flow everytime when the powerturned on
recently i bought a new mk2 version of octa and the power on light flow show every time when it got to work,this made me doubt why rytm mk2 lost this beautiful feature?or maybe just my unit was one have defect?
any one please give me an answer!

Mine seems to randomly light some buttons and pads.
Nothing like how the Octatrack Mk2 does it.

Same with A4 and DN/DT no display light show

have you noticed anything that is not properly working on the machine? if so, maybe try checking things in test mode. others might tell you if this is a normal behaviour or not

test mode was fine, i thought rytm mk2 abandon the power on lighting show altogether. not my single unit problem.