Issue : MPC One sync out to Live 10

Hi guys,

I’m having a small issue and been looking in the Ableton and MPC Forums, as well as manuals etc, to no avail.

I’m Syncing out my MPC One midi to Live 10 via a Scarlett 6i6 (2nd gen) via midi. I really like that set up, MPC = midi out, which controls Ableton as a sound module it’s like a mega-MPC ready for production.

Everything works as planned = track1 on mpc One set to midi channel 1 syncs out to Abes track 1 set to midi channel 1 as a drum rack playing sounds as I bang the pads, etc, and so on with track 2 = channel 2, etc… whether I play or record, happy days.

However, when I repeteadly hit “play” on the One starting a sequence which should restart the beat as soon as I hit play, the beat (midi or audio issue, not sure) starts lagging and eventually syncs back after 1 second, “elastic like” which is a bit annoying as I want something tight. If I hit play once, all is fine. More than once in short successions it starts lagging. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Same happens if I hit stop more than once in short successions and then play, the beat lags for one second and syncs properly. Again if I only hit stop once and then play, all good.

Not a deal breaker as I don’t use this live but I used to have this set up with MPC 1000 syncing out to Live 8 with a Fast track Ultra and it was super tight.

Anyone with this setup or similar could shed some light on this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Sometimes hitting stop twice in succession is used as a “panic” command for stopping midi notes from hanging. It might be worth checking the transport controls from Ableton and the One to see if that’s the cause.

Hello, thanks for your answer @Kpucski.
In that case both “play” functions are supposed to behave the same way when used in short successions in standalone (mpc or Live). It’s when mpc syncs out to Live that it behaves strangely.

Have you tried the same setup using usb instead of your Focusrite? It could be the interface that causes the lag. I used to use an older Focusrite Sapphire and it would often “rubberband” the same way (using MPC 1000 and Logic*).

Could elaborate please @Kpucski with using usb? Thanks for your help!

And also @Kpucski which interface did you end up making it work with? Thanks again

I don’t have one but from what I gather, it should output midi from its usb port since last update. Might have to put it in controller mode to sync it with your DAW maybe…?

BTW, still diggin’ it? I think more and more about downsizing and buying one as my centerpiece.

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As @Kuro stated above, you should be able to sync via USB, which could provide a better connection. You could compare and see if the latency Is improved. If it stays the same you’d know it’s not coming from your interface. [quote=“Le_filou, post:6, topic:134789”]
interface did you end up making it work with?
I went completely without DAW for the past few years but I’m now using a hybrid setup with a Tascam model 24.

Thanks for the advice! Will have a look . Yes still absolutely digging it!!

Thanks I will try tonight hopefully if I find the right cable that is!


You guys were right! I managed to connect the One to the MPC software via usb and it’s TIGHT AF! The issue now is that controller mode does not work with Live… and routing the mpc one to the mpc software to Ableton sounds annoying as hell.
At least this this showed the issue is from the Focusrite.

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Glad to hear it helped.

Yes thanks to you and @Kuro. And given that the mpc software is pretty much the mpc itself there has to be a way to control Ableton via the mpc software.
Progress, it’s definitely progress.
Thanks again


This guy managed to explain all the midi routing etc etc. I’m all set and happy!!
Thank you again :slight_smile:

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