Jogging House - Gardens / Digitakt, Tape, Electro-Acoustic Samples

Hey! This track is part of the compilation ‘The Wrong Side of Mystery’. A collection of tunes by various artists made with Nathan Moody’s electro-acoustic sample pack ‘Sigil’.

Completely made with the Digitakt, recorded straight to cassette.

You can download the compilation for free:


Always love your vids man. Very nice. Is that soft white noise coming from the cassette or your samples to start with? Have you ever had any interest in trying some lofi hip hop stuff? It would sound great with some dusty drums on it, not that it doesn’t already.

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Thank you! The noise is mostly coming from the tape. Plus a tad of bit reduction.

Many many years ago I started out making beats. So I guess that is still audible in my tunes. But these days I‘m not really feeling the drums so I try to avoid them. Maybe one day, I‘ll revisit them.


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Cassette Release? I am always surprised what you squeeze Out of the Digitakt. Great one!

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Thank you! There will be a new cassette release in the near future. But not with this track as I made it exclusively for the compilation.

The new album will be all Digitakt/Digitone/Eurorack jams.