Jomox Mbase 11 vs ModBase 09 module

So, at the moment I’m in need of a good workhorse kick drum source. I had the Jomox Mbase 11 for a bit but really didn’t gel with it. I’ve read on the Jomox site that the ModBase 09 was actually built from the ground up rather than being a eurorack version of the Mbase. In particular I’m curious about how the Modbase fares with smooth, deep, thumpy kicks, leaning more towards traditional 808/909 but with a bit more adjustability. The Mbase11 always sounded so boxy and mid-heavy for me, and the raw waveform wasn’t smooth enough for my taste even with the Harmonics setting all the way down. Has anyone used both of them enough to compare them? I honestly just want something that will get me as close as possible to the Airbase 99 kick without having to buy an entire Airbase 99.

Alternatively, I’m thinking of just getting an MFB Bass-522 module. I love the kick on the 522 drum machine and would love to have the added pitch envelope adjustment that that module has, to go more into 909 territory if I need. Anyone who has experience with that one feel free to chime in as well.


Hey! i just have purchase modbase 09 last week, it’s powerful module,
lot of possibility to achieve kick for all styles. It sound deep or trash as you want…
Just don’t forget to save volume preset, +20 dBu that’s strong!

About MFB, it must be amplified with VCA for exemple.