JRRshop doesn't answer emails / phone calls

I don’t know what to make of this, but I find it disturbing so I thought I’d add a note of caution as I know a number of folks on this board have ordered or are considering ordering from JRRShop.

I have some Elektron gear on order from JRRShop. In the past weeks I’ve sent some email inquiries to them trying to find out about estimated ship dates and I haven’t heard a peep (email sent Jan 9, no response as of Jan 20). In the last week I’ve called them by phone several times, and every time I only get the voice mail system.

Needless to say, failure to respond to email inquiries or to answer the phone is not a big confidence builder. I’m going to give them a few more days, but then I’ll take things up with my credit card company. This is my first time ordering from them – next time I’ll play it safe and stick with a known quantity like Sweetwater.

Never dealt with them so cant realy help but you could try to send Uncle E a PM at kvrforum, hes from JRR afaik.

I ordered from JRR a few months ago and they went out of their way to help me. Yes, try the KVR forum -the owner hangs out there. Eric Dahlberg “Uncle E”

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Thanks whet – I’ll see if I can get a response via that route.

I have an Analog Keys on order from them, and I’ve had no difficulty in getting through to them. It does take a while–they’re a small shop, and I think they got kind of overwhelmed during the holiday season. Nevertheless, every time I have had a question about an order, they have eventually answered it.

So be patient–I don’t think there’s any reason to worry.

That’s a bummer. I’ve always had great service from them. Hope you get it worked out.

Also: if it’s an analog keys you are waiting on, you should probably buckle in for a wait. Shipping from elektron has been delayed over a month now and nobody knows when they will get their shipment. They may be avoiding the situation at jrr due to lack of knowledge, although this is still unacceptable.

I called up about the status of their OT’s a few weeks ago, got someone on the phone right away, and he contacted Elektron and emailed me back within a day. Finally ordered one on the 10th, emailed on the 16th to ask about the status again, had a response in less than 24 hours. So I’ve found them responsive. Hope you can get through to them.

Thanks for the reassurances all. Hopefully it will all work out…

ark – you don’t happen to be Andrew Koenig of Koenig lookup/C++ standards committee fame do you? If so, I’ll mention I enjoyed “Ruminations on C++” back in the late 90s when I was still doing a fair amount of C++ programming (actually it’s still sitting on one of my bookshelves though I haven’t written any C++ in years)

FWIW, when I ordered my MnM from JRR on December 4th, they didn’t get it from Elektron until the 24th. It shipped the next business day after they got it.

I couldn’t get a hold of anyone until I PMd Eric on KVR, either, but he was pleasant and apologetic about it when I did. And two people emailed me back the next day, which makes me wonder if he’s on vacation and had to light a fire under the store employees.

I can’t blame a first-time customer being soured by your experience at all. I’ve bought several things and am frustrated myself.

got my OT from their ebay store… i’ve also bought plug ins form them a few times.

not sure when you emailed or called but it is a holiday weekend here so many businesses are closed today.

but they do show up at kvr quite often w/sales etc…

i’m sure they’ll get back to you… but keep trying. they’re a small operation.

edit: oh saw you emailed Jan 9th… lame… they should’ve gotten back to you by now… perhaps email got lost… it happens

their website was down for at least a week a few months ago… it was the weirdest thing. that and their phone # would ring and no answering machine would ever come on.

UPDATE – I did finally manage to get in contact with Eric of JRRShop by sending him a private message via the KVR forums (username UncleE).

I’m glad that I finally got an update on my order status, however it’s ridiculous that I have to track someone down on an external forum to get a simple response to an order inquiry!

Guilty as charged. If such things interest you, my wife and I wrote a book after Ruminations on C++ called Accelerated C++. Also, I write a [url=“http://www.drdobbs.com/author/Andrew-Koenig”]blog for Dr Dobbs’ Journal.

In addition, my wife wrote another C++ book. I helped by reading and commenting on drafts.

I wrote a small piece of C code that’s part of the Octatrack OS. It arranges so that samples with names that contain digit strings are sorted according to the numerical values of those strings rather than by character-by-character comparisons. As a result, for example, a sample named “97BPM loop.wav” sorts ahead of a sample named “103BPM loop.wav”, even though 1 appears before 9 in the collating sequence.


thanks for your contributions to the OS @ark!

i have a machinedrum uw ordered from them since the beginning of Jan.

still not in from elektron but they sorted me out nicely with my A4/OT and am plenty busy with that.

just gotta be patient I guess, their prices are the best I could find online and cheaper than any Canadian source afaik

Experiencing this now. Pre-ordered a Korg Monologue at an insanely good price on black friday weekend. Now that Monologues are showing up in stores, including my local synth shop, I emailed about my order but still haven’t heard anything from JRR. Has anyone had recent experience (late 2016, early 2017)?

At this point I want to support my local synth shop and experience the different Monologue colors in person (I pre-ordered blue but now really want Silver to complement :elmm: and :elmd:) but am unsure if it’s easy to even cancel a JRR order (at least I haven’t paid) if they don’t get back about order status.

That’s why I cancelled my Monologue pre-order with JRR. The price was nice, but I didn’t want to wait for JRR to get stock so I ordered with Sweetwater instead and will have it tomorrow. It was no hassle to cancel my order, FWIW.

Uncle E is the man. Kinda miss him from uadforums. Don’t be too hard on em, it’s a rough world out there when it comes to running music gear shops (very, very competitive business these days, thanks to big retailers like thomann, sweetwater etc)

I know JRR’s very small and I’m trying to be patient. I like the little guys.

I just want to support our local synth shop (and really I kind of feel bad for taking advantage of JRR’s crazy $240 price). Our local shop was having a rough time getting attention from the area Korg representative late last year so I thought the JRR pre-order was too good to pass up and would show up a little bit sooner. But our local guys seem to be getting better attention from Korg now. Which is dangerous for me. :slight_smile:

To offer some follow-up to my 2 year old message – I did eventually cancel that order with JRR Shop. However, at a later date I ordered something else from them at a huge discount (they made a pricing error on the web page but honored it) and while it took a while for me to get my gear, it did eventually come and was well packaged, etc.

So while they definitely need to work on the customer service/responsiveness side of things, my past experience (caveat, n=1) suggests they eventually do get things right.


The last thing I bought from them was my prophet 6 in 2015