Jungle made with OT & RYTM (Old school style)

So I have been using the OT to make all of my jungle for a few years now and have been waiting… and waiting for Elektron to make a analog drum machine. Its all I could have hoped for… and more! Either way, One of the main reasons I wanted it is to craft my bass and basslines direct from a analog machine. So thats what this track is. The first track I made using the OT for samples and drum programing and the RYTM for bass (and a HH). I am more then happy with the sound produced. Thank you Elektron! Check it out here:

This is slated for vinyl release on Ill Eagle Recordings next year. All of my other tracks on my soundcloud are made using Elektron gear and most of the tracks are already on vinyl. If anybody is interested in records still hit me up or pick them up here:

Thanks for listening!

Nice, great use of samples.

Werd, thanks mang

cool - I just time traveled to the 90ies. very good stuff!


Love the jungle.

Awesome, thanks a lot guys!

Nice stuff Dj Sycamore, refreshing to hear something less elekton-y with elektron machines,
Have you tried working with drum samples in the AR, or is there just no need with the OT?

Well, I made an electro track when I first got the Rytm and appreciate the fact that I can use samples to further alter the analog sounds but its pretty limited compared to the OT. At this point Its a “why bother” to me, But Im about to make a breakbeat battle album at which point I will be delving into the Rytm a lot more. Always happy with more options. Thanks a lot, glad you like the track!

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Nice work as always DJ Sycamore!