Just killed a PayPal

I just killed my PayPal account. Feels good.
Though I still hesitate to kill my Google and Amazon account…
Any alternatives for those two? I have a ton of photos on Google Photo and my kids love Amazon Prime Video…


did they do a dissent?

DVD’s and HD’s :wink:


I have a hunch Apple might not be what you‘re looking for.


guess it depends what your motivation was… to stop spending money, sticking it to the man etc. In terms of storage, I’ve started using Zip disks again part time.


beware the click of death :cold_face:


yeah I know - but that’s never happened to me in the 90s or in the past two years. maybe karma has a big data-loss in store just around the corner

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It happened to me on a few drives, I am pretty sure it is just the drive failing when it happens so technically your data should be safe.

I ditched it too. And eBay, and Amazon. Just stick with regular bonafide stuff now. Pay with cash.

I dunno, it just always felt like stitch up selling things with PayPal, like a buyer could just make a claim and I’m screwed. And all the fees

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Ha! I still have a few around. Especially for the kids. Internet could break. But what’s an alternative for Google Photo? Boy I wish it wouldn’t be so damn convenient. We started printing some. Guess we have to do more physical albums again.

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No, not at all. It was surprisingly easy. Just two clicks. Done.

It was more complicated to quit the Xbox Game Pass. (Now where do I find the „change the plan“ button)

Alternative to google photo is 2 things :

1/ Take less photo
2/ Print and keep them physical or on an hard drive in the computer.

About Amazon, I never buy anything on amazon and I always bought what I wanted. Just looks around on official website or local distributor and you can found everything.
And for VOD service, you can download movies and serie on bittorent or watch TV or some of your country TV channel have his own VOD service.

Nice done anyway :wink:


Oh snap, in Germany we are forced to pay for that effing bullcrap propaganda lies they put out via these. 17€ every month. The program they have is like a torture brains€&@. It‘s dumb, dumber, the dumbest. Movies are so much cut and broken filled with commercials, that you get the feeling that you’re watching a 120 min commercial break up by short movie clips.
A good reason to quit TV at all. I hate German TV and those effing @&€)faces they presented us.


You don’t have Arte in germany ? In France it’s the only channel without commercial and with good movies and documentary.


We have arte in germany :wink: if someone refers to propaganda bullshit lies in TV he usally is a little misinformed in general :wink: sorry

That doesn‘t mean that most TV isn‘t bullshit of course



Or better yet don’t use cloud for photos, just use your own offline storage device(s).


Yes, i think most of us here are old enough to remember a time when we didn t need a web service to do everything for us :smile:


Buy a film camera and learn how to develop your own photos. I used to print off the negatives with a flatbed scanner. Less time to click Paypal buttons and look for stuff on the internet. Win win.

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One of the things I always disliked about Apple phones and ipads is how difficult they made it for the average non techie person to get their photos off of the device and onto a backup device, without using a computer.

When I first got an iphone it was one of the first things I looked into, and back then the only real way to do it was using a wifi backup device like a Kingston mobilite or similar. But most people were unaware that it could be done, because it isn’t made obvious, and you are expected to use the terrible itunes desktop bloatware or the cloud.

Obviously in the past few years with USB drive direct connection supported it is a bit easier now, I remember laughing at how people were almost pissing themselves with excitement over this feature that should have been there since day one.

I guess it depends on how you look at things, but I see a lot of problems in the way tech is going, things like data access and protection, right to repair, censorship, AI, product lifespan, forced obsolescence etc.


I guess, that´s where it will end.