Just picked up Analog Rytm

Hey all. Over the past 6 months I’ve heard some nice things about this box and decided to give it a go. How are you guys liking the compressor? So far it seems a little clean for my liking so I may add Heat just to see how the two pair up together.
As a long time Ableton user I’m finding Overbridge as a nice addition mostly just for keeping tracks separated.
The bass that comes out of this thing is blowing me away. I’d really like to incorporate this in my live rig at some point- hopefully sooner than later.
The guys at Elektron really did an amazing job with this kit. Peace.

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The compressor is a little on the tame side, but I enjoy it! One thing that took me a while to understand is that the compressor (as well as all of the other master fx) settings are tied to the kit you’re using. When I’m working on a live set, I make sure to make each kit based on the previous kit just for consistency. Have fun!


I love the compressor. Actually wish Elektron would release it standalone.
The Comp’s HPF will keep your bass big, and the dry/wet mix controls (for parallel compression) are where the magic is.

Also, the FX section is a track unto itself. You can lay trigs / p-lock all the send FX and the master FX. It’s only as tame as you make it.
The master distortion helps a good bit as well, especially when incorporating FX track LFO.
Of all the Elektrons, I think the Rytm is the one that “needs Heat” the least.


You can get the compressor sounding mean with some p-locks, changing the dry/wet everytime a kick happens or changing the side chain input. All your bass belongs to Rytm!


i have found my own niche sound and ways of doing thing with the ar. i love it. i never use the compressor myself.

I use the comp all the time, especially for kick processing, sending all other sounds to indiout. Nothing polite sounding about it IMO :evil:

Thanks for all the input guys, so far I feel like this machine is working nice with my flow. And yeah I was wrong about the compressor it definitely suits the sound l dig and with a little tweaking I was able to get it sounding ace.
It seems when I save a kit with a pattern it gets a little quirky but that’s me probably not doing something right. Any tips on pumping/sidechaing compression? I have a feeling the p-locks are going to be awesome for this. I should probably just do a search for this, surely you all get tired of the “new guy” asking questions that have been answered over and over again.
I won’t get into the pads right now cause most likely they just need to be broken in. Def a well built machine.

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I see the Heat as a souped up version of the AR’s “color” innards. I’ve never, errr, sweated not owning the Heat cause I know I can access something of it via OB or the AR’s input.

They did a great job on the AR’s “color” factor.

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rytm don’t do no round fuzz or heavy dist style grime though, but yeah, plenty of textural scope within the rytm alone (LFOs can make very interesting dynamic clipping etc)

For sure not. It’s definitely AH “lite”, but I think the success of it on the AR led them to fire up the AH.


After spending some time with this kit, I’ve found some nice sweet spots. I’ve also found that processing in Ableton (or whatever you use) isnt really necessary. My drums used to take hours upon hours to get right but not anymore. :+1:
Also thanks for all your input, this is a nice community.


AR is my fav elektron. i’ve had a mono, and still own MD, A4, and Rytm. i use the analogs the most, but AR is indispensable for me

Make beats on the scratch is so fun and easy for sure !
No regrets when I bought this drum machine which is more than just a drum haha