Key sticking (what to do?)

So my friend spilt a bit of wine over my Rytm (he’s never getting near my gear again) and I’ve noticed that the record button gets stuck/sticky when I press it. It’s not fully stuck but it’s now clunky and I’m wondering what the best way to clean/treat this problem is. Ugh, lesson learned the hard way.

The suger from the wine will make it stick. I would probably try a bit of denatured alcohol to clean it off. Use alcohol with like 95% so it doesn’t leave more residue. Good luck!

come on, that was not your friend, that was you.

(a friend of mine has this terrible rash on his back… what can he do?)

Ever watch Boiler Room video’s? People are always hovering around the DJ or performer with open glass beer in hand right over the expensive goods. I’m always waiting for someone to get bumped or just simply stumble and end the show for everyone.

Anyway, yeah I would pull that thing apart and use some alcohol to clean it up just like Madchiller said. When removing the knobs, be sure to use steady even pressure and pull as straight up as possible. People have broken the encoders before by wiggling or pushing them too much to one side. I have removed the panel from my MD a few times now with no issues so just take your time.