Kill it with fire!

Stuff which is a thing which should no longer be a thing on music gear:

USB micro - because it is worse than literally any other USB connector.

3.5mm Type B Midi TRS - type A is the Midi standard, a standard exists such as to be compatible, type B is not standard, and not compatible without adapters.

TPE/Soft feel coating - because no one likes their gear to feel like it has been painted with bitumen after a year, or to look like it was tarred and feathered.

Insufficient USB isolation - it isn’t difficult to shield USB ground from audio ground, so stop making gear where people need to use an external isolator.


Are you sure you don’t mean USB mini? I haven’t had any trouble with micro.

Agree, but killing it with fire is probably better as a metaphor than anything else.

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Slightly disagree on USB micro just because it’s been around long enough that a lot of the issues have been ironed out, and it still beats the hell out of any proprietary connector. I definitely prefer C, though. Otherwise your list is solid.

I will add:

RGB LEDs on everything. It looks awful when done poorly, and it’s hard to do well (e.g. RYTM does it well).

Unnecessary tiny screens. Not talking A4 mk1, more like o_C or organelle. I get it, you have great eyes - I don’t. I’m not “getting away from the computer” just to stare at that thing 2 inches from my face.


NUKE IT. Worst idea of all time.


Nope, USB mini is mechanically much stronger and only slightly bigger, never had any problems with mini breaking, and much easier to plug in too.


All good calls.

USB Micro and Mini are both horrible.

I’ll add - 3.5mm audio jacks on expensive headphones.


Get rid of both.

And upgrade USB C to a more robust jack. Same reversible idea. Just sturdier. Perhaps where the jacks outer casing recesses into its mate…kinda like some USB type B do. That’s how the B is on my NI stuff. Solid.

Unfortunately…it’s B

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I contacted a mate from Uni a while back, to ask him if there’s a solution I could bathe those “soft-feel” knobs in, to plasticise them. He’s a chemist working in polymers for fire research, and reckons if there isn’t something already available, then it shouldn’t be to difficult to create. Gotta follow up on that.


Yes! Rytm is ok, Circuit too, both have fairly inoffensive colours.

Also blue LEDs should be wiped from existence, especially the retina burning ones.


Those non-mechanical capacitive touch buttons are pretty bad. Membrane buttons goes without saying.


All machines should have multicolour LED and allow the user to define their color schemes.

Sorry RGB. :grimacing:


Ooh, touch screens in general too. I’d rather have a bunch of clunky buttons, some gross 7-segment or 90s-style generic LCD, and a few knobs I have some hope of getting muscle memory with.


Oled screens can fuck off.


I’m prepared to agree to disagree. For me, I need to flip the mini cable half a dozen times before it will go in. It is often difficult to tell visually which orientation is correct and you have to get the angle just right for it to go in.

USB-C is pretty good. Hopefully Apple can figure out a way to get the Lightning plug into the USB-C standard so that they can comply with the EU directive without actually changing anything. :smiling_imp:

:laughing: I think that they are designed to do that.


Fortunately mini is not used much anymore, micro still is though, but yeah USB C is ok.

Mini had through hole pins on socket, micro is often only surface mount, so much easier to tear from PCB which is often unrepairable or at least uneconomically repairable.

USB C for sure.

I’m not often a touchscreen lover, but the screen on the EssenceFM is pretty great, I think.

TRS midi almost always sucks to me, then having two types makes it somewhat maddening


Yeah TRS midi is not ideal, for small gear it can be tolerable, but why those manufacturers that used type B stuck to it after the standard was chosen as type A just makes them look like total dickheads.

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Also on the subject of midi, note off as velocity zero is part of the midi spec, yet still some gear does not recognise velocity zero as note off.

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wait what