Kit and Pattern :(

i really can’t undertand how to save pattern with kit and reload it.

  1. Normally i use to organize my work starting from Kit, select the trk 1,2,3,4 and than record my notes and eventualy record the separate Trk in my sequencer with Overbridge.
  2. At this point generally i save pattern and kit, for switch in another kit.
    In a new kit i can find the patterns of the first kit, usually i delete it pressing record and then TRK plus play.
    Now i can restart as the first point.
    My problem is that if i try to re-switch to the first kit all notes trig etc are no longer present.
    Tryed also to reload pattern but nothing.
    It’s clear that i’m missing something, can anyones please help me?


When you say “patterns of the first kit”, it sounds like the kits would somehow include the patterns. That is not the case. The patterns and kits are separate entities. When you select a kit, you set the current pattern to use that kit.

It sounds to me that what you do in part 2) is that you set the pattern to use the new kit and then delete the trigs. Then they’re gone, and changing the kit back to the first one won’t recover the trigs, like you have noticed.

So, a kit is just a collection of 4 sounds. It doesn’t “include” the pattern in any way. Not sure if this makes any sense, but maybe the manual and YouTube tutorials are more clear with this.

Thanks for Reply, Snowbird.
I understand whot you mean about differance between Pattern and kit.
My question is only, how to save or link a pattern in a kit and than recall in a second moment?


If you mean by “linking” that when you select a kit, a certain pattern would be loaded, I don’t think that’s possible. The logic goes the opposite way, so that when you select a pattern, a kit is loaded. Since one kit can be used in many patterns, the machine wouldn’t know which pattern to load.

(Not sure if I understood your question correctly. Sorry if not :innocent: )

Ok, thanks for re-reply :smile:,
now i understand, maybe i’m getting wrong to work with kit instead project.
But now the question is: Does create new project allow to save all information inside, even the pattern for recall in a second moment?
Big Thanks for the patience!!

Yes, a project can include 128 patterns and 128 kits. Having a clear understanding of how the things are organized is really important (especially to avoid losing your work). I really recommend the Overview section in the early pages of the manual, which shows the patterns, kits, etc. as a tree structure.

Edit: To answer your question: Creating a new project creates an empty project, which won’t have your current work there. But you can save your active project to another slot with a new name, if you like so.

Tryed now to create a new project,
very surprised that this erased all my kit, in the first project.
Now i can see only the Kit that i have uploaded before, any sugg. ?

If you created a new project, the kits of your recent project are not lost, they are there, waiting inside your “old” project …

Each new project starts as a blank canvas … no wonder that there are no kits.

Maybe there is a misunderstanding how projects, patterns, and kits are organised.

A project can have up to 128 patterns and up to 128 different kits. Pattern contain the events for the track (sequencer) and kits either the patches for the synths, or the parameters of the FX and CV tracks. Both live in parallel worlds.

If you work on a pattern, one kit is linked to the entire pattern until you change to another kit manually. If you create pattern after pattern, each new pattern is linked to the same kit, that the predecessor used automatically. To select a different pattern, you have to do this manually. The information, which kit is linked to which pattern is “stored” with the pattern.

If you swap patterns the kits are swapped accordingly. If you swap a kit, only this kit of the actual pattern is swapped and used in the future for this pattern.

I hope this is of some help to you.


Hi SoundRider,
thanks for reply.
I can 100% confirm that in my first project all my kit are gone.
Now i can see only preloaded kit and the others that i have add in second time with C6, but not the custom.
Till yesterday it was only 1 project in my AK, now are 3.
In the First i have add with the function new project, and as you tell me is empy of Kits.
In the seconds i tryed to use load from the first and then saved with another name in another slot, but here too is like a copy of first project and no more kit that i have built.
It’s like that my AK erase all Kits outside preloaded and others that i have add with C6.
Any idea?

When switching projects make sure you save the loaded project first. This will avoid any possibility of loss of kits. Only thing I can think of.

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Yeah, loading a new project will wipe out any changes and kits of the previous project if you don’t save the previous project first.


Similarly when you get your mnm do the same when changing snapshots.

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Here’s one old thread that has some discussion about kits:

What a crazy story.
For me that i’m begginner with HW Synth and i use a lot of plug in, that generally works in opposite way,
is very hard to understand this kind of mentality.
Very Upset Too.

After losing kits and pattern myself I now follow a rigid approach. I always save kit, project, snapshot after doing some sound and pattern design before I shut down the unit. Never had a problem since. Elektrons are very open in their design and assume the user is in full control. This opens up functional flexibility but places the onus on the user to manage their data. Similar to a computer and saving your documents.

Same here, no problems so far. After making changes to a kit press Yes+Kit to save them, and then save the project before turning off the machine.

I think that from the perspective of live performance the manual saving makes sense. You can tweak your sounds as much as you like, without fear of autosave overwriting the original work.

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Please check, if this all is only caused by “not saving” a project prior to load or create a project.

BTW, if you are about to load a different project, there is some safety question, which asks you to save the current project before loading the next.

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Thx SoundRider,
now that i’m thinking about, maybe i saw that safety question, but in my mind i assumed that the first project was already saved in the memory and since i had no changed anything, i have ignored.
That’s because i was working there from about 5 months.

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