Korg Electribe ER-1 MkII Sample Pack by LØSTLVLS

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest in my sample pack odyssey has arrived - this time showcasing the super cool ER-1 MkII from Korg!

Released in 1999, the original Korg ER-1 was a flexible, fully digital drum machine capable of a wide range of tones and timbres. The MkII included a cross modulation option for modulating one sound against another, which was suitably abused for this pack. :wink:

This pack features 160 one-shot samples - 16 kicks, 16 closed hats, 16 open hats, 32 snares/claps, 32 percussive sounds, 32 dry tones and 16 reverberated tones. All individual samples are encoded in 24-bit and 48khz sample rate.

There are also seven sample chains provided with the download, including .ot files designed for use with the OT. These sample chains are presented in 24-bit and 44.1khz sample rate so they work better with the Octatrack, though the samples will work nicely in any sampler.

There are also 22 loops, which are original Korg ER-1 patterns which came with the device. These are also presented in 24-bit and 44.1khz sample rate so they work better with the OT. A fun trip down memory lane as well as tools for music production - chop and go!

Finally, there is an Ableton Live Drum Selector rack (Live Suite only) which allows you to program a pattern and change the sample with the turn of an encoder, as well as alter decay, pitch, distortion, compression and more with ease.

I’m sure there are little things that could do with fixing here and there - reach out and I’ll get these things sorted. :slight_smile:



Cool, I’ll probably get this one :slight_smile:
Much difference between the mk1 and mk2 ER1? Im still kind of hunting

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Awesome! Honestly they’re the same in almost every respect, though the cross modulation option on the MkII allows for even more weird sounds than the MkI. You kinda have to sacrifice the first two tracks to take advantage of this option though so not ideal for a machine that only has four synth tracks.

If you do get one it would be amazing if you could get one with the Electribe Shaman installed as that increases the functionality of the machine in a big way. Custom sample support for the four sample tracks and access to internal MIDI CCs. Costs a cool £33 though.

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I used to have a MK2. It was my first proper piece of hardware.

This shit takes me back.