Korg sdd 3000 pedal

Did a quick test with the OP-1 Like the sounds. the test shows off the analog delay filter and the reverse delay filter.

I still haven’t picked up a nice reverb/delay pedal…since I can just never really decide…strymon and eventide always have me torn.

Then Korg announced that one…it has me thinking again about a delay pedal. :slight_smile:

Yeah I like the effects on the elektron gear, but I got excited by this after I got a big sky reverb pedal.

It’s not that I don’t like the elektron effects…they are a bit limited when compared to a unit dedicated to the task though…and my issue is I like to layer things and I don’t like having to pipe things through the A4 to get effects on them. My mixing board has effects but I won’t use them. :slight_smile:

Thus at some point I’m going to have to add reverb and delay unit. I may end up going modular for it though…I’ve just been doing everything I can to keep from opening the door to modular because once I go in I already know I won’t be able to come back out and it will cost me big.

That metropolis sequencer has me real close to pulling the trigger though, I want to hook that into my Minitaur or even the Sub37.

Yeah I think a send return layout on a mixer gives you more possibilities. I have effects on my mixers but they have been quite useless. I like dedicated equipment.