Last Orders. (After Pub Time)

Lets just write a load of old bullshit here. I certainly could do with that from time to time. Any old crap just to keep it away from the other threads.

Turd poo ?

Sunday arvo. Swilling a few coopers clears. Cant wait till summer. Lifes GOOD.
Missus seems happy for some reason… Dont think its anything ive done recently. :wink:

I wasted the whole fucking day searching for parts to build an ambika. I am missing some DIP sockets and a pin header. I need wine. Time for wine!

I went to a folk festival yesterday. Great beer. Friendly people. Folk music is ok for about 3 hrs. But 9? A marathon of fiddly diddly heidly doodly diddly faddly dooo. Every one in two people had an instrument. Both inspiring and tedious at the same time. Can’t beat going to a bar where half of the people in there are singing a song with no amplification. Nice moment.

It never bloody is.

Ive lost the feeling in the tip of my thumb, numb for four days now :zonked:

Yes, sounds like you need to go to the pub.

Yes, sounds like you need to go to the pub.[/quote]
Seems like a good enough reason.

Been in Latvia since Thursday & spent yesterday wandering around Skrunda-1, an ex secret soviet Town that housed 5000 people & was a radar station monitoring Western Europe & possible ICBM.
It’s precisely distractions like this that have caused me to miss the entire unveiling of STROM!
Interestingly at Skrunda-1 we found blueprints for a dastardly futuristic eavesdropping device called State Tactical Radio Ordnance Manager :slight_smile:

was in a bar last night…seen some kids INHALING sambuca…no biggie?!

stopped drinking booze years ago. all this “people getting wasted” makes me wanna get very distanced from the party crowd

Yeah, no tolerance for buzzed random drunks as am more focused on great coffee and isolation in the studio. Even my Maine Coon Cat has the sense to not bother nor knock over my iced coffee. Go out to the bars and I might as well toss a full Fosters all over me because someone will inevitably randomly spill beverage on me and reason I prefer to not do live music anywhere and keep it in the studio directly to Electro-Music Radio play.
Last A4 update totally messed-up my created sounds and am afraid to even use the Delay because of this until a big bug fix is finally posted.

Tired of being told to deal with it and just ‘work around it’…WTF!!!

Does the Elektron fanboy actually exist? Would anyone care to own up?

Gee you guys are drinking in the wrong places with the wrong people :wink:

damn that would drive me to drink for sure… lucky I just got the A4 and it didn’t have the dreaded OS loaded yet… happy camper :slight_smile:

At work I’m paid to (video) edit interviews with some of the most intelligent and thought provoking individuals of the current day. Legendary geniuses such as three of the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus… yeah… SOOOOOOOOO if I came home and my AK had a hug and an awesome ear destroying new patch ready to surprise me with… I wouldn’t complain. #firstworldproblems