"Latch" MIDI data from external contorller vs "jump"


I’m using a Launch Control XL to drive the OT (and maybe my DT here in the future) and I have to say i’m liking it EXCEPT for - If the MIDI value is off by a distance when I go to adjust the fader it “jumps” to the current MIDI value, vs being able to match that value and then starting to move with it.

Is it possible to setup the OT so that if it gets a MIDI message it will only start to change once the value has reached the current value and then goes above/below that value?


You can’t set that in Octatrack AFAIK.
It would be possible if your controller could send a CC61 (OT send request), and receive all parameters values, memorize it, and send only when it reaches the corresponding values.

Some motorized controllers can be interesting if they can receive CC request values.

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That is great info… One more thing then:
Does the OT send a CC message when it changes patterns?

If so, I could create a script that watches for the change and just sends the updates to where I want the controls to start… not sure if it also sends other controller data as well.

In the documentation it shows to columns for some of the data it shows: REC and TRK… does one imply that it sends it out and the other imply it can be controlled externally?

Thank you for the info thus far, super helpful.

Elektron machines can send or receive Program Changes for pattern changes.

TRN = Transmit
REC = Receive

I hope you’ll be able to write a good script!

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I you can watch midi CCs sent by knobs it’s a good thing.

Just a thought : you can use OT midi tracks (with midi loopback) to send the CC61 request to OT.

So I dug through the info - I am wondering, why is the MIDI data not sent?

The upside, this should get me the audio data at least. :slight_smile:


Hey All,

I just wanted to say thank you!
This is great, I just hooked up a simple app to read the MIDI data, boom… all the data is flowing well… in fact the Program Change shows the pattern change, so I think i’ll be able to use that to trigger the dump and send of the new data.

Sweet - thanks again for the help.
I’ll post back in a few days when I have more info.

I basically plan to turn the Midi Fighter Twister into a better way to manage audio data (given I can’t do MIDI data right now :smiley:) but hey… this will be a super nice deal because I think it will solve what is driving me nuts… how to do a program change and have the correct data loaded onto the a controller that will not be of a fixed value so that when I go to move the knob it won’t jump but be at a good starting point.

Super excited to see if I can get this working.

Thank again!