Launchpad Control XL - Octatrack Mapping

I tried uploading this to the Files section but it just kept failing.



Awesome. I don’t even have one, but awesome stuff :+1:

Would like to hear peoples thoughts on it, because it looks like a lovely/perfect match up, well apart from that USB thing… Power/midi I’d probably have two already :confused:


Does it come with other “banks” for other templates like the midi side of the octa or synths via midi thru?

It looks very good !
Is is possible to use the 8 faders to control 8 different scenes instead of the volume of each track ?
From the OT manual I understand it is not possible, but im not sure.

Pretty sure you can’t. You can only send the fader to A or B. In arranger you can do both.

EDIT technically you can program change your parts so you could select one default scene per part.

You got this working without a computer? Even with the latest firmware, I couldn’t get it to work.

I couldn’t find a Novation forum but posted on their YouTube page trying to get some support. I don’t recall ever getting a response so I return the LP XL.

So much potential, so little support.


They lost me as a customer after SL zero mk 2 fiasco. Item not working as described, fix patch hidden away on random thread in a user forum, when patch applied still buggy and flakey. Item returned.
Why ship stuff that doesn’t work? If there are beta issues then get your forums active and have patches and updates as stickies and flagged downloads. Customer support involved blaming other items in system. Nice one.
Novation. My autocomplete tries to put this in as ‘no action’. Never again.

Yeah, I think that would be the only way to do it. Problem is I don’t think you can send Program Change messages from the LCXL. I’m not 100% certain though.

You can program it however you like though as you can see, all of the controls in my map are concerned with audio tracks. Nothing stopping you down the same for MIDI. If you wanted control over 8 audio and 8 MIDI tracks though I guess you’d need two Launch Controls! :slight_smile:

This is great. I’m currently using a quneo for this but I feel its performance potential is being wasted.

Nice choices for the mapping. Elegant layout. I think the only thing I might change is to sacrifice the solo channels row for 8 midi track mutes.

Does anyone have the launch control working with mode machine’s cerebel usb/midi converter?

Won’t pick up/translate the full range of values in either this mapping or calcs.

Almost as if it is only transmitting cc’s when the encoder or fader is moved. when you stop it jumps back to the first setting?

Any advice much appreciated!

Not sure if its the launch control or cerebel

Hi there! Could someone upload the mapping files again?
Finally got my OT and a LCXL flying aroung… :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I couldn’t find Neil’s mapping but here is Calc’s version.

You should also check out this video showing LCXL working with a modular setup via Expert Sleepers FH-1.

Hope it helps.


Thanks, calcs layout is already running on my LCXL. :slight_smile:
But i found baldwins to be more suited for me. And i had a strange promblem: Channel 1 is not working on the LC, instead Channel 2 is affecting both Track 1 and Track 2 on the OT. :stuck_out_tongue:
In factorymode with live everything is working fine…

It seems i have to map new templates.

the link 404d… do you still have that layout? looks awesome! :slight_smile:

same boat.
Tell me when you´re done with the sripts! :smiley:

yes, reupload again please

Bump - Anyone still have this lying around?

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Hey guys,

I found this buried on a hard drive.

Hope it’s okay to share again, Neil?

edit : quick bump in case anyone wants this over the weekend.


Thanks for taking the time to upload this pal x

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