Lexicon MX400 - TC Electronic D-Two?

Hi all,

Iv’e been looking at getting a couple of rack effects for my setup and I was thinking of getting a couple of Lexicon MX400’s (non xlr version) Anyone recommend these units? I can grab them tonight if anyone can recommend? There’s brand new MX300’s too at £135 each.


I had the mx400 for a few years.
Honestly, I never really used due to two things:

  • not one effect wowed me. Virtually all my plugins were simply way better (I use Valhalla, Waves and Fabfilter).
  • the interface was horrible. Lots of menu diving and confusing layout. It’s not like I couldn’t figure it out, it’s just not intuitive so after not touching it for a bit, I found myself spending too much time finding certain settings. Oh, and the plugin editor stopped working for me after a few months/osx upgreade.

Other note is when using two effects on a channel, something like half of the parameters disappear for each effect. A cpu thing I guess. I failed to do my reseaso that was a big let down.

I eventually started using an X32 rack and the effects were unbelievably better.

I bought it for $150, sold it for $150. Only loss was my time.

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Thanks mate, was just looking for something to feed a few of my mono synths. I know most like using pedals but they’re quite expensive compared to these Lexicons I could grab. Not many good examples on YouTube either.
I had looked at the new Source Audio Collider here tho

Source Audio Collider

I have one. It’s in my cupboard. After downsizing I have found myself taking out a few select things and this isn’t one of them. I’ve never had the urge to take it out.

Rack effects I have taken out are SRV-300, SE-70, and a VF1 (VF1 never went in actually).

I’m not disappointed and I’m glad I tried it. There are some cool things on there and that looks like a decent price. I’d try it because I’m a slut.

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I have the mxr200 for basic staples but the reverbs “I find” have short tails. Cool thing is I can hook it up to the DT and control parameters, switch fx etc. But for longer lusher reverbs I bought a Big Sky from strymon (that you can also MIDI control) and even a little tc electronic hall of fame 2 that has reverbs that are 10 times better.

I tend to use the lexicon for shorter drum room type reverbs and the gated delay and gated reverb sounds. They are useable and musical, just a bit “vanilla” .

Reverb is one of those things that vst can do just as well or better than most “domestic” hardware reverbs.

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Source audio is great! I use the Ventris reverb in my Dark Trinity.
Highly recommended!!
The verbs are so much better than the mx400.
Possibly the best reverb hardware I’ve ever owned. The dual dsp means no tail cutoffs when setup properly.
Also, I had an issue with cables and “pulses” from the control option Port/audio in. I called source audio and within 2 minutes was talking to the guy who designed it. He was nice and helped me get it together, even offered to swap it out if the problem persisted.
Can’t recommend enough.

I dunno, some of those old boxes have magic in them that I can’t quiet shake out of any of the Valhalla plugins or my Empress reverb.

For example:
Alesis Midiverb2 & the Alesis Quadraverb.

Those boxes just sound so beautiful to my ears.


I think a midiverb2 is something totally different. It’s so grainy and imo not comparable. It’s the only hardware reverb I own and probably will always be. Can’t replicate this itb yet. If they do, even turning the knobs will have to create noise or lower the volume or one of the channels. Keep it real :grin:

For 40 euro, I think everyone needs one of these. It it permanently hooked up to the cue of my octatrack

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This reply doesn’t give the MX400 much credit IMO. It is a mid-range multi FX hardware unit from 2006, and should be judged as such.

FX quality:
Comparing it to a VST is quite pointless, as it’s apples and oranges, and the OP has stated he is after a rack unit. The reverbs sound like a 2006 mid-range multi FX unit: not great, not terrible. Highly useful, IMO. You could buy a boutique reverb pedal and get amazing reverb, but then you won’t have a dual processing multi FX unit.

Yes, the MX400 has menu diving. No surprise there, from a 1U rack unit with loads of parameters. The good news is, the menu diving is not so bad. I find it way more hands on compared to my Eventide H9 pedal, for instance. For each program, you can choose three parameters which are adjustable from the main screen. For more detailed control, you have to go into the menu.

Processing multi FX:
MasterLeader points out something important: when you set up two effects on one processing unit, you lose some of the control (and quality) from the individual effect (due to processing power). But if you should need dual effect with full processing power, this is still a dual processing unit, so you can set the two units in single mode, and feed one into the other.

For €150, the MX400 has a lot to offer. Will you get a better quality unit with the X32? Sure, but it will also cost you 10 times as much. I have the MX400, and I’m happy with it. I’ll keep it until I can justify an upgrade.


I like natural sounding reverbs so I much prefer the Lexicon MX400 reverbs to my Eventide H9.

Another strong point of the MX is the routing options. Something I really like is to have two mono reverbs with different delay times, which gives a reverb that decays to one side. I have never been able to successfully match this effect using software.

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What’s your take on this?

tc electronic D-Two


I can get one of these brand new for £161.08 now. Anyone use these on their synths?


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I had one of those and loved it. Like most delays, it allowed you to tap in the tempo of the repeats. However, unlike other units, the D-Two allowed you to tape in actual rhythmic patterns for the repeats. It’d quantise ‘em, too, if you liked. Cool stuff.

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i still use one…best feature: it has shuffle on the delays.

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Looks like a cool unit, time to research and start gassing.

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I used this in gigs on all kinds of sources, it’s a great unit, though very menu-dive-ish. It’s quite incredible how many parameters a delay can have. It doesn’t compare with the MX 200’s because it is only a delay (though personally I’d rather have no reverb than those MX200 reverbs).
I don’t know at what price TC M1’s are going, but those are much better sounding units than those cheap Lexicons and are also dual engine. At the time those cost less than the D2’s.

The delays are cool, though.
I actually bought the MX200, because it has knobs/switches for all parameters, but I’ve played with the MX400.
You get more parameters on the MX400 (you can have the signal running through more fx algorithms at cost of having extended parameters), but I wanted smt easy for jam sessions.

On the ping pong delay, if you turn the variation knob counterclockwise, the first delay tap occurs earlier, if you turn it clockwise, the first tap occurs later. At 12 o clock, they‘re even. That‘s just so much fun^^Especially with a second delay in series.
Some of the delay algorithms allow to freeze the buffer by turning the feedback to 100. Great for transitions.
So yeah, I really like the delays.
Modulation fx are also ok…and even the reverbs are smt cool when send in a delay.

If you want some decent multiFX-unit in 19" you have to grab deep in your pocket

TC M3000, or Lexicon PCM81 or Eventide …

i was on this path… but you know, as someone said… the pedals out there have plenty to give at a lower price and with more quality soundwise - just think about GFI Specular Tempus or their new Pedal Synthesia which is fu#*ing awesome

these old boxes from TC, Lex or Eventide have magic, that’s for sure, just ask yourself why the price is still up for used ones from the late eighties and early nineties


I still use a Lexicon MX400. For the price, I think it is quite good. Here’s what I like and don’t like:

I like that you can run two separate effects in either serial or parallel configurations. I like that you can control the unit via MIDI. I like that it will accept MIDI sync, so I can have delays work in time with my Elektron gear. I like the delays generally more than I like the reverb, but the reverb isn’t bad. I like that there is a software editor that makes the shortcomings of the menu diving more bearable.

I do not like that the VST used to control it was never updated and is now kind of a thing of the past. I do not like the interface and menu diving on the unit, but as mentioned, there is a software editor.

So they now have Lexicon MX300 for sale at £135 here… any good? Seems quite cheap


My Quadraverb is from like 1989 or something and still works great. Paid $50 for it, so if it didn’t work I wasn’t out a ton of cash. Bought it through Guitar Center so I could’ve returned it if it was effed up. Love the verbs on it! I run my Yamaha Reface CS through it and it’s a thing of beauty.