LFO fade bug ? Answered*

Please move this to a bugs thread if there is one?

That’s even if it is a bug. But if the fade LFO works like most synths I’ve used, it should fade in the LFO depth. It seems sporadic with a sample I’m using, sometimes I have to back to zero to activate the effect of the fade again.

Is this a bug?

Nevermind, I’m trying run before I can walk!

I see it is dependant on modulation activation mode RTFM :slight_smile:

The LFO Trig mode actually effects the way the FADE parameter works.

If you want Fade to reset you need to select TRIG, ONE or HALF.

It’s not really a useful feature IMO as you would want fade to work on every note regardless of the LFO mode.


I just realised this and edited my post, time I had finished you had answered, thanks for the info anyway.