LFO on MIDITrack Pitch Bend

Hi All,
wanted to do a portamento-like bassline on a Midi-Track of the Digitakt with the
LFO waveform EXP, ONE TrigMode routed to Pitch Bend as DEST… When it Triggers the LFO when
default LFO DEP is not 0 it works, but not as ParameterLock! When the default LFO DEPth is 0 and ParameterLock is not 0 -> no Pitch Bend movement.
Is this a Bug or does i simply dont get it?
Very Strange is that the Digitakt allways sends (the same) Pitch Bend data to the MIDI-Synth as soon DEST is set as Pitch Bend, even when DEPth is set to 0 when i look at the output in a midi-monitor…
many thanks for any enlightment!

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Yeah this sucks,
I don’t know what is going on, it sends fine as just a static depth but cant be Plocked

Anyone got a work around?
It seems strange that it’s no working, I’m surfe it has been in the past.
Ive been just setting the depth to 32 and having the bpm set slow enough that it doesnt affect pitch on 1/32 notes but does on longer “slid” notes

Have you tried using FADE with a “static LFO”?

I often use it as I find that a ramp is more controllable. I just tried it on PB on a midi track and it seemed to work.

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But I think you misunderstood, we’re looking for portamento or legato slid notes, not long evolving LFOs,
Basically my thought process is, LFO in triggered one shot mode, with ramp setting, with a static depth of 0 but then having certain steps P-locked depth to emulate slide function a la 303, works fine on sample tracks with LFO set to sample tune, but doesn’t work with MIDI tracks Pitch bend destination.
I’ve contacted elekron to see whether this is a bug they intend on fixing or if it’s a known limitation of the DTs MIDI capabilities.

Go to trig page and turn the lfo to off. Then p lock the lfo to on on the notes you want the lfo to trigger on.

Apologies if this is what you are already doing.

I guess we are not understanding each other :slight_smile:

The FADE can be any length, and Depth controls the direction, and how much pitchbend is applied.

I was able to get it to work with pitchbend on notes on a midi channel on the DT.
I used p-locks with different Depths, and FADE to transition between notes.

Why doesn’t that work?
Isn’t this what you are trying to do?

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This is what I’m talking about:

both these tracks, track 5 and track 9 have the same thing in them and I have P-locked pitch fine in the audio track using either Sample tune or Sample start to create a slide effect fine on trig 5 and 13,

I have then copied the same LFO setting onto the two trigs in the MIDI track with the destination as Pitch bend and nothing happens.
Pitch bend is enabled in the SRC page,
You can send a static LFO depth to pitch bend, the problem comes with the depth is P-locked, it just doesnt respond to it at all.
Awaiting a response from elektron, it’s pretty frustrating.

Thanks for the video!

I see that you are already using FADE to offset the timing of the slide, so what I was proposing wouldn’t work.

@FOALMA Did you get a reply in the meantime? I’m just trying the very same thing with the latest OS version and it seems you cannot P-Lock anything on the LFO page if the LFO affects pitch bend. I mean, visually you can, but it doesn’t have any effect. Quite frustrating. :frowning:

Elektron just confirmed to me that this is a known bug which will be fixed in an upcoming release.