LFO sample start - guide for syncing to beats in a sample?

What I’d like to do is take a pattern I’ve recorded to a sample, and then use a random LFO on sample start time to hit various key parts of the sample. For example - I’d have a kick, snare and hat (a combination thereof) equidistant from each other in the sample, and use the LFO speed, multiplier and depth settings to randomly hit those spots in the sample. (I’d likely also set percentage-based trigs to trigger the sample at different times - but that’s easy enough.)

I’m wondering if anyone has done some work to help understand what depth settings would have to be based on length of sample, etc. for that to work. I’ll keep playing around of course in the meantime.

And apologies if I’m not clear - happy to try to explain further.

I’ve done similar stuff , I recorded my sample at 120bpm as it makes increments / numbers easier to deal with , and 4/8/16 bars.

But to be honest I wouldn’t bother. It’s a lot of messing around .

I’m not even sure if a random LFO shape would be doing the right thing here? Since it’s not coming up with specific numbers that would correlate to the position of the instruments in the sample. It would sometimes trigger on silence, sometimes trigger on the later half of the snare, sometimes it will barely catch the transient of the kick, etc.

I guess you’re gonna be happier with , –PRE or x:3 conditions and some microtiming. Doubling a track’s length and then switching up the trigger parameters of the repeating half will give you plenty of perceived randomness too.

Can’t setup random Lfo to jump to specific numbers to play defined sections of a sample.

Honestly keep it simple , use conditional trigs / plock sample start points at regular intervals.
You could maybe use ramp Lfo and sync it up but I don’t think it would offer any advantages.

Thanks guys, thought I’d try.