LFO to pitch depth?

When I put an LFO on the pitch of a sample (melody or chord) I find the depth of 1 is just a little too much for a subtle vibrato effect. Other than taking up an FX slot and using a chorus, are there any workarounds for this sort of thing?

Lift the OT with both hands and shake it gently while the sequencer is running. Works in “plays free” mode as well.


make depth 1 be the high point of a scene (if you have a free one, then morphing the xfader will fill the gap iirc)


Oh my…

Then I imagine if I want a constant vibrato on it I can resample it with the x fader at the middle point. I didn’t think there would be enough resolution to have values between 0 and 1.

there’s no discernable zipper on the crossfader action - afaicr, the OT is doing interpolation even for closely related values (like 0>1 aot 0>127) - it’d be good to test anyway, may be parameter dependent


Try also lfo designer, it can be faster, and you can also divide the value 1 in 128 with depth.
Set even or odd values with 1 and press trig + tempo to slide values.