Life is to short not to Rytm

Hello dear Elektronauts, perhaps a useless post but I cannot contain the excitement, as of today Im a proud owner of an Analog Rytm, this means I will have to sign up to my local community collage to earn a Degree in Rytm design, lol
so far the workflow has been mostly intuitively, due to being a long Elektron user, but yet I did not see a tips and tricks manual like the rest of the Machines, perhaps due to how new the machine is, could any one point me in the right direction to be able to get some new fresh samples in this unit?
also Im I able to load just about any Wav in to it or do I have to get the ones from the Elektron site?
so far Im enjoying the ride I cant believe how immense the kicks are !!

hi there
there’s a few chains and single hits in the file section of this site…

Yes, Rytm is great.
Nice big open sound. For .wavs…
Sample chains go far.

as much as I would like to see some added features…the fact is, I wouldn’t want a different drum machine :slight_smile:

I actually found the track and feature key placement annoying (only because I use other elektron gear)

welcome to the party!