Lines Octatrack Study Group

Hello all! I have been more off Elektronauts more than on in recent months, but I’ve been lurking more lately, and I finally have a reason to post again :slight_smile:

Some folks over at the Monome-adjacent Lines community have started a little Discord study group focused on learning the Octatrack. All skill levels are welcome. The group meets on Zoom semi-regularly - somewhere between monthly and weekly. Our next session is this Sunday, 2000 UTC. Here’s a recording of our last session from last Sunday:

Invite link - I’ll update this link from time to time; please PM me if it’s expired and you’d like to join.

We are also interested in hosting folks with strong OT chops who’d like to present to the group. Please PM me if that sounds like you.


We had a nice session today with special guest Octadad Dan of the Messy Desk. We went over a couple of slice techniques and randomization tricks, demonstrated both by Tyler and Dan. Then we spent quite a while shooting the breeze and talking shop. I learned several tricks. Thanks to everyone who joined; it was a highlight of my Sunday.

For the next session the tentative plan is to discuss parts, and we may go into the arranger.

I’ll post a video when one becomes available.


This is good stuff! I’m always interested in seeing how others use and apply the octatrack in their own ways. I’ll definitely be into this the next go.


Dianne Feinstein?

Or Michael?

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:rofl: my phone hates me



This is a great idea (I missed it but would like to be on the next one). I have a real newby type question: why do Discord invites only last a week? TE have one and it’s the same. Doesn’t this seem like a hassle or am I missing some step that will keep me in the Discord group indefinitely?

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It does seem a bit silly, doesn’t it? Anywho, here’s a freshie.

EDIT: See first post.

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You will not lose access to the Discord server after the invite expires. If you accept the invite while it’s active then you will be included indefinitely.


I don’t use Zoom but i would be interested to see this :wink:

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Dope. Just joined the discord

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Can’t wait to be able to join one of these. Life keeps getting in the way :expressionless:


Don’t feel bad, I’m doing kind of a garbage job of announcing them. I don’t have a promotional bone in my body :sweat_smile:

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Oh no worries. You are a legend for putting it together.

Oh I can’t even take credit for that, someone else started the server :laughing: cheers though!


might be a silly question but is there any point to joining if i’m never able to join the virtual meetups to participate fully?

The server chat has been a bit quiet so far, but there’s still good discussion happening between the meetups. If you have questions they’ll probably get answered, just slowly.

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Link seems to have expired again :frowning:

What’s with that? Is it good only for a limited number of clicks? I thought it was supposed to be good for a week? it’s only been three days…

yes please, can you send a new discord link invite?