Little help with Trigless Trigs?

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First couple days with the OT here, enjoying it so far! I can’t seem to get trigless trigs to work though. If I understand them correctly, I should be able to do something like retrigger the envelope on a filter effect without retriggering the sample, but that’s not what I’m hearing.

I’ve set up a completely fresh project, and I assigned a pre-recorded drum loop to a static machine on track 1. Then I set a trig on step 1 and hit play, everything gravy so far. Then I switch to effect 1 (filter) and set WDTH way down to 40, DPTH to +63, ATK and DEC to 60, so I get a nice filter sweep up and back down on step 1, and the rest of the pattern is filtered. fine.

Now I want to have that sweep on each quarter note, so in grid edit mode I hit trigs 5,9,and 13. Now I get a filter sweep on each quarter, but the sample also retriggers, so for each of those steps I press [trig]+[no] to make them green, so I have a red LED on 1 and green on 5,9, and 13.

I would expect to hear a filter sweep on each quarter, but I don’t hear the trigless trigs affecting the audio at all! Is there another setting I need to change to get these to retrigger the FX envelopes?


I think your answer is actually on the 2nd AMP page. There you have the option to set the envelope triggering mode for each effect. Set them to r+t and you should have your sweeps!


Check the color intensity of the green to check if they are trigless trigs or trigless locks.

In page 92 of the manual:

Trigless Trigs is what you are after, they can only be aplied to sample trigs or trigless locks, so you must first put a sample trig on 9, 5, 13 and then convert them.

Hope it helps!!


This helped me. Thank you!

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Glad to help :smiley:

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