Live looping with ipad?

I have an ipad, a Native Instruments Audio Komplete 6 soundcard…
I have garageband, Loopy, Samplr…

didn’t succeed…

Did you succeed Live Looping an Elektron Box inside the Ipad?


You can live loop with audio input into Novation Blocs.

It can be fiddilly because it’s not fully featured but it works well

How do you mean didn’t succeed? Loopy and Samplr are where I would start. What’s not working?

i tried to do this without the Audio Komplete 6, but I needed a power supply for my overhub and I don’t have that.
but I didn’t succeed looping at all. big chance it works with samplr… no chance with loopy

a power supply is 30 euro, since it is 3A :frowning:
a lot of money for something that will not work anyway

Blocs Wave doesn’t do it for me, there’s an obvious delay between the audio registering after recording and playback. Stays in time mind you.

Never found a workable alternative.

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Loopy is always recording in the background So when you hit record, it gets the correct beginning compensated for latency. I don’t like the loopy volume controls and there are no effects.
Let’s back up.
Are you using an audio interface for your iPad and running the audio out of your elektron into the iPad audio interface?
Loopy has a graphical ui to select audio inputs. Check these all until you find your sound. Then it should start playing again when it’s done recording. I do this all of the time. You set the loop length with the multiplier or can set it to stop when you press the button again.

Samplr let’s you select quantized or no. I prefer Samplr myself.

It sounds like you might be using OB to get audio over USB. This sounds really complicated for live looping and you would need an interface like the iconnect to get audio out of your computer into the iPad. The iPad won’t support overbridge.

Familiarize yourself with loopy by disconnecting the iPad and just using it’s microphone to record. There are also tutorials for all of the screen commands to delete, etc. It takes some practice.

i don;t use overbridge
I don’t want to use my laptop
it’s a good laptop (macbookpro quad core) but sounds like a hoover
and I don’t like that at all…

to have an audio input and an output, I think i need a soundcard… So I tried to use my Komplete Audio 6 for that. But now I see I have to spend some extra money on it, and I don’t see any positive experiences looping external gear on internet.

at the moment I use my Kaoss Pad 3 as a looper device. It works very well, but after 2 years of active use, it starts to be broken. I may buy an Octatrack, but it’s pricy… and I thought… an I pad might be a good looper/ audio slicer device I can use in combination with my audio mixer…

I see. komplete is the sound card and you need the powered USB hub to power it. Now I understand. (Do I?). Is it class compliant? (Should the iPad see it in a perfect world?) Does the iPad plus a cck power it directly? You might get lucky. But then you can’t charge the iPad.
I use my Kp3 for looping and the OT too although complicated at first. All good solutions. And my kp3 is slowly falling apart as well.
There are also cheapo breakout cables you can try - irig I think. This would give you audio line in and line out from the iPad although at meh quality.
Finally, there is an iPad musician group on facebook with 1000’s of members who might be able to offer better assistance than I. Lots of folks use loopy including with external controllers to make the interface simpler.

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Oh and Samplr is a great slicer. You can have the slices pre-configured and record the loop into it and it will just play from there.

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The forum is THE place for ios queries.

I’m going to try Loopy this evening, will feedback my experience.

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Loopy worked well. Setting loop point by tapping glass not that easy whilst playing, but probably my crap timing, fixing tempo to a beat or a prepared loop worked well.

Now onto Samplr… :sunglasses:

Oh my, hadn’t realised you could set up your slice (i.e. trigs) recordings etc before recording your sample, Octatrack style. In fact, hadn’t really messed with Samplr before now, gritty sample mangler and looper. The clear winner!


So live looping in samplr works well? It can be used for song transition and for for live slicing (useful for fills)?

If this is true, i will buy an adapter for my overhub tomorrow…

Yeah it works well, didn’t try it synced, assume it’s tight, judging by YouTube examples.

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What works for me is to record loops in my laptop or with samplr, but at the end play it with traktor dj. So i have a loop of a song in traktor dj, at the end of my song in rytm, mix xfade to the loop and use this to mix to new rytm song. Simple, Nice fx, Nice looper (paid 2€ extra for that)… And small chance i do something wrong.