Live performance - Analog Four, Rytm & Moog Slim Phatty

I recorded a live performance last night for Browse Magazine. Featuring the Analog Four, Analog Rytm and a Moog Slim Phatty. If you like my stuff you can find all the links to my social channels here:


Really nice !

I like this kind of melodic chords :smile:


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fantastic live performance! is ableton included in your setup or hardware only?

Thankyou! :slight_smile: Yeah I use ableton as the brain of the setup, it sends program change messages to the Rytm, Moog and A4. Also I have automation on EQ, compression etc so I can get a better mix when playing live. Some send FX too, dub delay, reverb wash, tape delay and filters etc. All controlled with the Livid DS1. Im hoping one day i can scrap the laptop from the setup, maybe use an octotrack and some kind of mixing desk, but that could mean bouncing some things into stems, I really enjoy the idea of everything playing live.