Live performance/production setup [newbie]

Hello! I’m new here. Just ordered first Elektron device from reverb (a4mk1), other gear I have is just plaits (eurorack module).
I’m planning my setup ahead so that’s why I’m writing here.
I made two sketches about setup for playing, improvising live from patterns made before
and producing, jamming at home studio.

Sooo question is what will fit better in this setup more live performance friendly and in studio,
Analog Rytm OR Digitakt + Digitone?
Rytm looks like I can easily make rhytms live but is more limiting.
So it’s hard to find happy middle between jamming and features…

My sound is deep, ambient techno. Main elements is: drums, bass, drones, pads, melodies and sometimes field recordings.
[ Examples of music I like ] (as newbie I can not post multiple links so I grouped)

I am open for other gaear combinations.

This is my first post here so sorry if something is wrong. :upside_down_face:

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Welcome to the forum!

Either combination of Elektron instruments or other gear might work well for you.

Why not start from what you have already and see what additional features your music needs? Add items only when you need them, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

The Digitakt (DT) would give you sampling, 8 tracks of monophonic sample playback, and 8 MIDI sequencer tracks.
The Digitone (DN) would give you 8 voices of synthesis over 4 tracks and 4 MIDI sequencer tracks.
The Analog Rytm MkI (AR MkI) would give you 8 percussion/synthesis/sample voices and very basic MIDI sequencing.


So at begining I can use A4 not only for melodies but for example two tracks for synthesized drums.
I know Elektron makes complex machines so maybe I just need to master A4.
Thank you! but still I know that one Elektron device will be not enough. :sweat_smile:

My advice would be to start by learning one box inside-out before adding a second one. But that is easier to say than to do… :wink:


…if u got modular rack units already in use, i’d also hardly recommend to add “only” the a4 for now…it’s the perfect cv sequencer to get it all started, will match perfectly with whatever u got already in modular devices and yes, it can do lots of drums and percussion already within one sequencer track of the four it’s offering u, on top of that dedicated cv lane AND a another dedicated internal fx sequencer track/lane…not to mention the option to use any external signal as a free osc2 source and the beauty of it’s on board reverb…and filter delay…

with the a4 u got four full fledged truu analog monosynth that can go sonicwise already anywhere each on it’s own…with every single trig totally elsewhere again…
it’s a whole modular planet on it’s own already in one box…so take it slow…and focus on IT…

always one step after the other…and the a4 is a huuuge step ahead of u…

ah…and a warm welcome…


I’d say yes in general but in the case of the OT… :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Wow! So lovely comment.
Thank you so much.

I don’t like sound quality of OT… :neutral_face:




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Then you should probably question your skills :wink:

…ooops…don’t get THIS started…here.
it is already an endless discussion…and like with every other swedish box, it really depends on the user, what u make out of it…if it’s not going deep enough for U, it’s surely and never/ not the fault of that particular device u ranitng on… :wink:

Oooh no, the OT sound quality meta is spreading… by this rate it will consume all of Elektronauts and everyone will be discussing OT sound quality in every post :scream:


That was Hector’s plan all along!