Live psytrance set - Rytm + Octatrack + A4

8 Rytm tracks fed into Cubase using Overbridge, I used EQing, compression and the PanShaper VST, did some group EQing and compression using UAD plugins then sent that audio to the A/B inputs on the Octatrack. The Analog 4 main outs went to C/D on the Octatrack. I used a very light compressor and EQ as final effects on the Octatrack master channel. Everything was MIDI slaved to the Octatrack which i used as a mixer and performance controller.

This was performed live at a private, invite only psytrance party deep in the woods of Western North Carolina, USA it was my party, I can play if I want to. :wink:


anywhere close to asheville?

I live in West Asheville, this was from a party I threw at Kuykendal this past weekend.

I have already revised my setup for the next project though. I’m running LR outs from the Rytm directly into the Octatrack AB inputs. I’m handling panning with an LFO on the applicable Rytm tracks and have EQed the drum samples individually before I loaded them onto the Rytm. I’ll compress that output on the Rytm before it goes to the Octatrack. The Octatrack main outs are going to the inputs on a UAD Apollo Twin where I will run some mastering and stereo field shaping effects. I wish there were a small, hardware box that would run half a dozen VSTs reliably as an effects chain without the need for a computer. Everything else in this setup is rock solid, computers are a PITA.

And before someone makes the suggestion, I already have a few dozen Apple devices. They are still a PITA in some regards.

heh - small world… man Haywood st is blowing up these days… growing crazy fast

No kidding.