Live resampling and playback at the same time

Hi Elektronauts.

I’m resampling T1 playing a 64step sample as a flex machine with a sampletrigger on step 1.

The flex machine on T5 has a record trig on step 1 and a playback trig on step 1. I’m seeing weird results with this playback, as sometimes it’s working as intended, playing the exact same sample and timing as T1, but other times, it just gives me a quick click sound.

However, what’s even weirder is, if I set the pitch to a lower value than default, it doesn’t play anything at all either. I would think it would have an easier time catching up, with a lower pitch.

Does what I’m writing make sense? If it does, can someone explain what’s happening and if what I’m doing is even possible?

You have to disable timestrech (Playback/SRC Setup).
You can play SRC3 recordings directly with +1/384 microtiming.

If you want to use timestretch, you have have to increase microtiming.
You can also use swing instead of microtiming, if you want to shift all trigs.

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So even with time stretch off, I still need to microtome the playback trig different than recording trig?

And with time stretch on, microfilming +1/384 is not enough, but with time stretch off, it should work fine (also with pitch changes), or?

Yes, if you want to play the SRC3 recording just after its beginning.

Yes, pitch down is possible. For pitch up or reverse, you need to delay more.

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How come it is possible in this video, to playback without changing the microtiming of the play trig?
I cant play a sample while recording it to the recorderbuffer, without having the playbacktrig microtimed after the record trick, in a track. Any ideas?

Possible with AB/CD inputs, with SRC3 you need microtiming, or swing, or steps after, or wait for the end of the recording (probably the case in the video).

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