Live Set w/ 3 DTs

Imagine you’d be gigging with three Digitakts. Only a small portion would have to be composed live - it’d be more about thorough preparation.
How would you approach that?

First idea off the top of my head:

  • DT#1 = drum machine
  • DT#2 = melodic loops (bass, chords, lead, etc…)
  • DT#3 = melodic percussion + some identical melodic loops for transitions to new songs.
  • DT#2&3 would quasi have the same patterns/banks

What other ideas/thoughts/more detailed approaches come to your mind?

I’m aware replacing DT#1&3 with AR and OT would be a no-brainer, but I’m intrigued by the potential “weight loss” and saved space in regards to gigging abroad.

AR and OT have same size as 3DTs. And are so much more capable… would go for that.


Agreed or maybe something like a digitakt, digitone, and an Octatrack, or just 1 of the 2 small boxes and an octa

I run with two Octatracks and a Digitone into an Allen and Heath DB4. I’ve got to say it’s just mind-blowing to work with. I midi merge the midi from both Octatracks into the Digitone so both of them can use it. Creativity wise it’s massive. Fun wise it’s beyond any previous way of working I’ve known.
Poor Ableton and all my great plugins are gathering dust at the moment.


2 octas, 1 rytm and a few volcas in my live setup. Just a lot of fun and can be carried in a backpack