Live with the iPad and OT

Use Audiobus 3 to slave AUM to OT midi clock and transport. It works just fine!

Do you just nest AUM inside Audiobus?

And thanks for the tip!

You need IAP Virtual Midi Bridge. Open Audiobus 3 first (with HW sending), make connection, save, then always open AB3 and load the preset before opening AUM. It’s worth it! Although I’m not using standalone AU sequencers, having transport sync and same midi clock is essential for Aparillo and Factory sequencers and for delay fx.

“IAP Virtual MIDI Bridge”

Do you have an AppStore link by chance? I’m seeing a couple of things but nothing that I’m certain is what your advising.

And apologies OP, for the minor threadjack. I figured this may also be useful for your setup.

I don’t believe there’s an IAP Midi Bridge required. Audiobus3 does have a MIDI LEARN IAP which is helpful for window switching and stuff, but vanilla Audiobus3 will sync AUM. You need to select AUM in one of AB3’s audio output slots, I believe. The rest setup like this. It’s starting and syncing AUM fine for me, and I don’t think there’s anything much to set in AUM. Then, in the ‘MIDI Clock Sync’ page, just select your hardware. Also, you can broadcast Ableton link from here to sync other apps and even other devices via WiFi. I think that’ll do it. Another option is use Midi Link Sync (which should be on the App Store) which will turn, well, midi into link, and also link into midi. It seems to also work. People do swear by just hosting in AB3, though…I don’t care for ABs GUI so I usually avoid it, but it is indeed the generally accepted way to sync up AUM.


Thanks for the detailed response! I wish Kymatica would just implement MIDI slave. I much prefer it to Audiobus.

Completely agree. I heard a rumor it was in the works being implemented but you never know what to believe these days.

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