"LOAD ERROR" issue when loading sample (Digitakt)

Hello everyone.

Recently I have been having issue with my Digitakt. I am currently running the latest OS and the latest version of Overbridge. Any time I sample into the unit, either by audio input or USB input whenever I try to save or assign the sample to one of the designated 8 slots I get an error message that says “LOAD ERROR”

And it will not let me load the sound. I have tried using an older firmware as well as tried reinstalling Overbridge as well Factory resetting the unit. But I still get this “LOAD ERROR” message.

Do you have any idea what the problem would be? Anyone have this issue?


I imagine you’ve figured this out already in the year and change since you posted this, but it’s because the sample you’re trying to assign (presumably after recording, editing and then through the saving process) is too long, goes over the data limit (64mb) of on deck sample time. I AM having an equally frustrating problem in that the changes to the length of sample i make with the admittedly super functional and easy to use sample editor ARE NOT SAVING so when i attempt to save the sample in its new “edited and reduced” state, DT does not recognize the changes and still tries to load the full sample to any track trig I select to be assigned the sample and because the trimming is not recognized, my sample is still too large to fit on stage and i get the “LOAD ERROR” message. IF YOU have had this problem or just know a way to fix it, HIT ME!! thanks!!

If I get load errors on every project with any sound I try to save, does that mean I have filled up my plus drive?

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Same problem

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I’ve been using the DT most days for the last year and a half. I’m a little freaked out if I’ve got to start deleting stuff.

You can check the status of storage in the +drive in the system menu. If will tell you how full the plus drive and how full the current project ram is.


Thanks, I didn’t know what I was looking for. Yeah, I’ve managed to fill up the plus drive.

Well I guess I should ask, what’s the best course of action?

Generally I’ll pull stuff off the +drive that I know I’m not using to make space. I keep pretty meticulous notes though so this isn’t difficult for me.

I’m guessing best idea is to back up the sample and projects, then decide how you want to make space so if you change your mind everything can be reloaded.


Is there a resource you can link for me? This is actually kind of a nightmare scenario for me since I am in the middle of a project. I should learn how to back up anyways.

In the interim I have dusted off the OT, I still hate it’s workflow when compared to the DT but I do like 32 Gb CF card I got for it, so maybe I grit my teeth and use it instead for the remainder of the project.

Please indulge me in a moment of frustration:


Ok, thanks. Had to get that off my chest.

Edit: I guess I should just be grateful, after all the first samplers has like 5 seconds of sample time or something. I guess this is just another limitation I have to keep in mind.

You would use transfer to back up your samples and c6 to back up your projects as sysex. Both those programs can be found on the support section of the elektron.se page.

As for why the sample memory limit. I cannot say why they chose the limit or why any manufacturer chooses the limits they put into their synths. I tend not to associate arbitrary things like what year it is to how a synth is designed as those things generally aren’t a factor the designer is considering.


Though it would be nice to simply stick a 256GB thumb drive into a USB port to manage, back up and retrieve sounds, some of the fun has to be in the limitations. That said, I wouldn’t mind hearing the reasoning behind prohibiting that kind of ease of use. My best guess is manufacturing cost.

To stick a thumb drive into an USB port you need a USB host port first. So either integrate two different USB ports (one clearly labelled “host port”) or provide a menu to switch the mode of the USB port (if it is capable of being switched at all).

And “yes”, I guess its a combination of manufacturing and development costs.

But what I really wonder about: why the heck won’t they release some nice software solution which hides away all the “unnecessary” details? Does the common user really need to know about low level stuff like sysex? The transfer app is nice, but why not go a step further? Why bother users with using multiple programs? All that could be easily hidden away.


Sorry, I didn’t exactly mean to turn this into a thread complaining about the available memory in the Digitakt.

I gave backing up on my own a go, but realized I really had no clue what I was doing so placed a support ticket. As I said, I am kind using it for a project and don’t want to mess things up irreparably.

That really was just a moment of frustration. For some reason I thought that if I just recorded my own samples I wouldn’t run out of plus drive space before I ran out of projects. But, doing the math, 64 * 128 = 8192 so the plus drive would have needed to be 8Gb to accommodate that.

Personally I see that as a flaw, but things are what they are. I desperately need to get my music finished before I can reevaluate my psychic relationship with Elektron boxes. I’ll use 5 programs if they do what they say. I’ll learn what sysex is and all that.

right, of course it would demand a total hardware overhaul. and you’re right (i think anyway), couldn’t Overbridge, C6 and Transfer be consolidated into 1 application? going into it with little understanding of what to expect from Overbridge, i was a little disappointed that it didn’t mirror the hardware so you would make changes on the Digitakt itself and have them recorded to the set data via the Overbridge VST or AU. i still love the device.

Me too, that’s what makes it frustrating. I would like to continue to use the digitakt as my musical sketchbook. It’s about 1 million times more fun for me than the OT. All I can hope is that they eventually make something with the specs of your average laptop as far as memory is concerned.