Loading multiple samples to Slots

so im trying all my drums on track one instead of each drum sound on each track. im not figuring out how to load multiple samples to the slots… do i do sample locks and load each sample on a trig then switch to slots? im unsure how to add samples after i add one to track 1 it just changes the sample if i pick another one… im terribly confused guys! i just got my octatrack back after 5/6 months and im retarded i cant even remember tempo on off quickly… im reading the manual but it isnt helping my situation

Each Sample Slot can only contain one Audio File. You only have 264 Sample Slots per project.

However an Audio File can contain multiple Samples, in what are called Sample Chains.

With a Sample Chain, you can parameter lock the Start or Slice of the sample.


yeah i get that how do i load multiple sample to play one sample on each slot

You just need to select different Sample Slots and load new Samples?

It sounds like you might be confused between Sample Slots, Default Track Samples and Sample Locks?

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yes, i think i am. i have a flex track and i added a .wav. if i wanted to not just have that one sample in slot mode how would i add more samples to track one so that the slot mode isnt just the one sample.

the reason i said sample locks is because i figured that would add samples to the pool (?) to be used in slots

I just got the Octatrack. You can load different samples into every step by holding that step and pressing arrow up or down. Maybe that’s what you’re going for…


Sample Locks.

Pro-Tip: Instead of [ Up / Down ] you can also use the [ Level ] knob.


so i do sample locks and all those samples then are available in slots mode? thanks so much Rusty!!!

There are two sample slot lists: one for flex and one for static machines. These lists are global and are not per track (so changing a sample in slot xy will influence all patterns which uses that sample slot). To use samples with sample locks you need to assign these samples first to the corresponding global sample slot list.

In slot mode you can access all the samples loading previously into the corresponding global sample slot list (static or flex).