Lock muted Tracks to Patterns

Hi everybody !

I have a pretty urgent problem and it would be awesome if theres someone that could help me with it. So im doing a live-set where im using 4-8 of the Digitakts Midi Tracks and 3-4 of the Sampler Tracks. Every pattern plays a new song. So i jump from song to song by switching between patterns and i shape the song by muting/unmuting tracks. Right now its always big hustle time when switching a pattern since i have to remember which tracks should be muted and which should play when i jump into the next pattern(or song).

I wonder if there is a possibility for “locking” muted tracks to a pattern ? So when i jump into the next one, the mute situation is already in place. This would safe me so much trouble and would make the set so much more fluid.

For Example:
Pattern 6 is playing and i have track 3, 7 and 8 muted. Now i switch to Pattern 7 and it automatically unmutes the tracks 3 and mutes the track 2.

I would be so happy if theres an answer to it, since i couldnt find it. Does the DT even have that feature ? Is there any other way for solving the problem ?

If you read till here, thank you for you attention. I would be very happy over a response.


You are looking for “Pattern Mute Mode”, page 22 of the manual. It’s an awesome feature!


There is also another way, if the DT has the trig mute feature (other elektrons have it). You could use trig mutes to mute all your trigs, and upon switching to a pattern, start removinng those trig mutes.

Is there any way to deactivate the autosave feature for the pattern mutes?
I use them to prepare a pattern to only have some selected tracks active when I switch to them. But as it is now, it seems the digitakt saves changes to the pattern mutes to the project automatically. So after every jam I have to reset all pattern mutes for the whole set :frowning:
I’d much more prefer it if the changed pattern mutes would only be remembered if I hit “save project”

It doesn’t autosave the pattern mutes. When you turn off the digitakt, the active project will be saved in RAM as is. But as long a syou don’t save the project, you can just reload it to go back to the saved state.

One thing I also do is go to manage projects and lock the final version of a project. That way you cannot overwrite it.


yesssssss! thanks a lot! I assumed If I did not save I didn’t have to reload after a reboot. With manual reload after a power cycle it works as it should! Thanks a million times. Makes tonights set much more relaxed! :slight_smile:

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Has there been any change to saving the patten mutes? as I’m playing an entire live set with one project and when I go to a new song I want it come in minimally and build it up by un muting parts as the song builds.

But as I’m rehearsing the songs are coming in as I left them, is there a way around this


Bump - I’m running into the same issue with pattern mutes being automatically saved in their last state.

Eg pattern 1 is saved with A/B unmuted, I unmute C, change pattern and when I change back to pattern 1 C is saved unmuted. Makes it very difficult trying to compose a track over multiple patterns!

Does anyone know of a fix for this or is it expected behavior?

Pattern mutes are mutes specific to patterns. So naturally the patter ‘remembers’ which pattern mutes you applied. They won’t automatically unmute when you change patterns and then go back to it. ‘revert to last saved state’ is a way around this. Use func+yes to temp-save, and Func-no to revert back to that save state.

So yes, this is expected behavior. Maybe finding a way using global mutes in combination with pattern mutes could help.

Thanks Dave, that’s a good idea I could just use temp save/recall functions to get around this.

Just feels quite unintuitive having the mute states save without actually pressing save! Took me far to long to work out what was happening haha