Looking for an Elysia Xpressor - Other Options?

I’m keeping my eye out for an Elysia Xpressor. Looking on eBay for completed sales, there’s evidence of them going for around £650 second hand.

However, while I wait for the opportunity, I was wondering if anyone considers there to be an alternative to it?

The Xpressor looks incredibly versatile and a good bang for the buck. I’m looking to run my drums (mainly techno) through it as well as other elements.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Man even at £800 that thing is a good deal. Don’t have one but I studied the heck out of it. It’s an all around good compressor you can punch drums up, run vocals in warm mode, and handle delicate transients of jazz and classical music.

Yeah, it certainly looks like a capable machine.
I’m keeping an eye out for one but I think I may be waiting a while.

Ive owned plenty of high end compressors, Shadow Hills, Neve, and so on… but the xpressor seems like its made for electronic music. I have the xpressor/xfilter combo in a 500 series rack and they feel and sound like an extension of my Elektron setup. In the US they go between 600 and 650 used, but worth every dollar if you are looking for a good comp for electronic music. The Warm Mode button is like magic sauce for low end punch. If you can spring for the xfilter as well, that Passive Massage button makes the high end sing without having to push up any eq.


Hmmmm. I’d love to pick one up; the idea of running my stuff through it really is an attractive option.
I’ll keep looking and scanning Reverb and eBay and how I get lucky.

There’s currently one for sale on a local sales platform for EUR 550. Very legit platform, I do most of my sales there.

Search for willhaben.at and then on-site for the xpressor…

Can help out with translations if desired…


Agree 100% about the XPressor, best bang for the buck especially for electronic music. It’s super flexible and always handles whatever you throw at it with class (or nasty attitude if that’s what you want).

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Cheers Manolo.
However, I’m after the 19" rack version.
Cheers for the pointer though, much appreciated. :grin:

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