Looking for analog mono synth

Bassstation 2 with an o coast then you’re set

Thanks all for the tips! Greatly appreciated.

I have my eyeballs pointed at the Dominion 1.

I do have a question to which I cant find an answer. I’ve gone through the manual, but it’s not clear. Nothing to find on the www either…
Its about the midi.
I would like to sequence the dominion on the octatrack.
In the manual however, in the midi implementation chart, it has a big X next to receiving and transmitting note off. So I conclude it doesnt send or receive midi note off? Only note on? That would kind of a problem, as i dont have CV sequencers. I dont like the idea of using something like the beatstep bewteen octatrack and dominion.

Is someone using a dominion 1? With external midi equipment?

I want to get this synth! Wonderful modulation options and filter possibilities. So much to explore. Paraphonic as well. But I really need it to at least receive the note off command via midi. The keyboard not transmitting note off is okay, not ideal though

Ps: the midi implementation chart is from v1.0. I believe the current version is 1.62. Maybe it has been added?

I don’t have a Dominion 1, but I looked at the chart in the manual and it seems to indicate that the instrument does not transmit or receive Note Off Velocity (how fast you release the key).

I can’t imagine that it doesn’t transmit or receive a regular Note Off message, if only by the Note On with velocity 0 method.

Careful to judge a synth by the bread and butter sounds of it plastered across youtube.
Monologue has a vast, wide range for a synth with such a simple architecture.
The wave shaping creates wonderful overtones, and the drive changes the character of the synth entirely. Plenty of interesting sweet spots for imperfection.

Like Elektrons, its onboard sequencer should be considered a part of the whole.
Having note, slide, and the (4) motion sequence paths on three separate mutable lines makes it a true “axe.”
It has to be played to be truly enjoyed and understood.
Like the Warwick Thumb Bass I heard in high school, once I actually played it, it made sense as an instrument in a way that could never be imagined indirectly.

I bought it with the idea of spending another $175 on the Kenton Pro CV to MIDI converter so that I could sequence it with my AK.
It’s onboard sequencer, 16 step limitation not withstanding, is so effective as a part of the instrument that I didn’t bother with AK sequencing.

That sequencer has everything I wish the BS2 had. And makes the overall synth more appealing to me. That is to say the sequencer (+ clever architecture of the synth) makes up for Monologue having half the LFOs, half the envelopes, far fewer filter options, smaller keys, and no sub oscillator.

It is that good.


Peter hanes, thanks! It was confusing.

Adamjay, thanks also! The monologue is very interesting considering its price. The 4-part motion (step)sequencer is fantastic. I have however set my mind on the dominion! Its hard to ignore its capabilities! + it looks like a retro analog mixer :wink: Its one of those things i could lose myself in for very long timesss.

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Another vote for the Karp Oddy. It’s the very essence of B-grade sci fi.

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