Looking for parameters of a LEM preset

Thank you very much !

All kits are imported.

Cool. This will be the last thing to try which is a single pattern. A01.syx (1.8 KB)

Then Iā€™m all out of options :slight_smile:

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The single pattern works !

OK here is the rest of bank A.
A01.syx (1.8 KB) A08.syx (1.4 KB) A07.syx (1.5 KB) A06.syx (1.5 KB) A05.syx (1.5 KB) A04.syx (1.7 KB) A03.syx (2.0 KB) A02.syx (1.9 KB)

A16.syx (1.7 KB) A15.syx (1.6 KB) A14.syx (1.4 KB) A13.syx (1.9 KB) A12.syx (1.8 KB) A11.syx (1.6 KB) A10.syx (1.7 KB) A09.syx (1.5 KB)

Thank you very much !

No problem. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I was a good excuse to learn more about sending and receiving kits via sysex.