Looking for speaker recommendations (very specific demands)

I have a Marshall Tufton speaker today that I really like. However, it outputs notification sounds from time to time whenever the battery is either fully charged or when it’s running low, something that I really don’t like. Also, it’s mono, and I would really like to at least get a preview of what my music will sound like when played in headphones.

So, I’m looking to get a new speaker where my list of demands are the following:

  • A single unit (that is, not a pair of speakers).
    • A physical knob that’s directly wired to the speakers volume (that is, I don’t want an endless encoder or discrete buttons that changes the volume through some computer chip; if I set it at a certain volume, it should adhere to that volume no matter what happens).
    • No notification sounds should be played at any point in time.
    • AUX or RCA input.
    • Outputs stereo.
    • Light enough to frequently cary back and forth between my computer and my music station.

I don’t really care if it’s battery powered or if it can connect to bluetooth/wi-fi or anything like that. Cost isn’t really an issue either.

Anyone got any recomendations or thoughts? :slight_smile:

If cost truly is no issue the te ob-4 meets all your criteria, I think. It’s not a studio monitor obvs, but it’s a very nice very portable stereo speaker with an aux in.


The ob-4 is boss!

The iLoud fulfills all your criteria except it has an endless encoder. However, it never mysteriously changes volume by itself.

I’ve had mine for years and I currently use it as a speaker for my iPad for watching TV. Never touch the knob, and it never changes volume.

I’m really hoping that one day I’ll see one of these threads where recommending the Superwax Mini ( Superwax Mini — Pitt & Giblin ) makes sense. But for you, the OB-4 looks like a winner.