Looking for this sample pack

I saw this video on Facebook and I totally love it! Does anyone recognize the sample pack in use maybe?

Look for the cheapest. :slight_smile:

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I guess it’s rather basic sounds with some effects and distortion added to it.It reminds me so much to an old mix from Massimo on Evosonic in 1998, a tape that I listened over and over again and it also came up with this sound kicking in at -1:10 and then at -0:05 it’s without percussion.

Would it be possible to recreate on an Analog Four? If so please tell me how! :slight_smile:

Hard to tell, the mic seems to be from the cam.
Did you try to ask to the guy who made the music ?
You may be able to do something close with A4 + OT.

Yes I asked him but he unfortunately doesn’t know/remember. I looked up some of his released tracks on Beatport and I found that this track comes pretty close to this sound. Especially the last bit of it!

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I’m probably asking the wrong question here. What I actually want to know is which hardware equipment would you guys recommend for making this kind of music?

Rytm or OT would get the job done.

Loopy, Heavy reverb and delay, short percussive sounds.

I’d lean toward Rytm as the Scenes and fills are great for that “tracky” vibe. Also the master distortion and compressor are great for techno.

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Awesome! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

How about the synth sound, that would be rather difficult to do with the Rytm I guess?

The Rytm is an accomplished analogue monosynth - the Synthetics sound pack is a good demo of that. The analogue drum engines can be tweaked to make synth sounds that sound nothing like drums/percussion.


To be honest I don’t think Elektron has ever made a drum machine that couldn’t be used as a synth, or a synth that couldn’t be used as a drum machine.

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100% agree currently my favorite of the AR sound packs.