Looking to expand my setup

Hi all! I’m looking to add a little something extra to my setup. I’ve got a circuit rhythm and Erica synths db-01. I’m thinking of something with some modular capabilities.

I’m torn between starting to build a small case of make noise/ Erica modules. Only issue is, if I did that, would an Erica predominant case be too much like the db-01?

Another one that has my eye is the Moog mother 32 but could that be a little too similar to the Db-01 again?

Overall, a little lost in what could be a nice addition. If you have any thoughts that would be much appreciated!

Thanks again!

What do you want to do with any extra gear?
What’s missing from your music?

Have you resolved your search for a sequencer?


I’ve decided to just use the midi and use one of my tracks on the circuit for the db-01.

Mostly just looking for new modular possibilities, something new to help me think outside the box or something different or just something different al together!

Modular is a dangerous rabbit hole, hahaa :innocent: :innocent:
And to be fair, it’s a bit hard to recommend something when you don’t know yourself what you’re looking for.

Something to keep in mind is that another synth might not give you the groove you’re hoping for, especially when you already have two powerful units. Two boxes is a good number to keep you focused, anything more and you may notice yourself always drifting towards the same “core”.

I always like to recommend playing around with effects – pedals or otherwise, but pedals are probably cheaper at first. Get a characterful delay or a good flexible reverb to tie your Circuit Rhythm and the DB-01 together. Maybe beef up your drum- or synth-sounds with a nice distortion. Although the Circuit Rhythm might be already able to do some of that, not sure?


Long time guitarist so I’ve got pedals a plenty, but yeah a little delay goes a long way on the db-01

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Ah I see, well then: try them all on the Circuit Rhytm and the DB-01 and in all sorts of combinations, see what happens.

Try to avoid drifting casually into modular. It’s expensive and really requires a lot of research. It tends to suck up all one’s oxygen.

I really like the DB-01 but I don’t have a single Erica Synths module.

You might consider a small synth for pads and leads with a lot of modulation options, something like the Micromonsta 2.


oh yes the rabbit hole is deep, and if you are not already somewhat familiar with synthesis in general it is very easy to spend lots of money on things that don’t accomplish what you are trying to do. This is really especially true if you don’t really have a clear idea of what you want the synth you build to do.

Lots of people end up becoming “module collectors” and have really pretty racks, but nothing really has any direction.

Speaking as someone who has owned a db-01 and a case full of Erica stuff, the answer is yes and no.

Erica have quite a range of modules that do all sorts of stuff, so you could build a wavetable synth, or a drum machine, or build something around the sampler module. I did sell my db-01 though, because I replaced it with a fusion system, which did largely cover the same sort of territory as the db-01.

But now I’m selling all the modular stuff because modular is genuinely exhausting to be around.

Do yourself a favour and get a Digitone.


Fair enough and thanks for the insight man, is there a thread you’re selling the modular on?

Really surprised to see so many people talk bad about modular

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There’s nothing inherently wrong with modular, it just requires a fair amount of self-discipline and will power to avoid it turning into a bit of an expensive mess.


We speak carefully about modular, not badly. As it should be because it can be heaven and hell, often at the same time.


Going down the modular hole is all fine and well.
My word of caution is not about moderation but rather to not get caught up in all the cool modules… for modular to be fun I think a case needs to consist of 2/3 of functions and 1/3 noise makers or atleast 50/50.

So don’t get lured in by buying a case full of beads, Morphagene and Rings type of module… modulation is where modular shines!

Edit: my modular philosophy is that I have a fantastic case which is 6u 70hp big and I won’t go bigger than that. So basically a case is a concept. Right now for instance it’s a mono synth at its core, in the past it’s been a groovebox, feedback network and so on.

Modular can easily go wrong if one is not careful. There are many Elektronauts who enjoy it; there are also many with cautionary tales. If you’re going to look at @Fin25’s for-sale topic, you should also read his post about why he’s selling, and all the responses. The least you should do is inform yourself.

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I’m much happier putting the money I previously put into modular into a small racing sailboat instead. 2-4 friends on the water, having fun. Fantastic for mental health too. Expensive, though.

Nothing wrong with modular, but a decade or so ago you had to have a modular system to really explore. I’ve got a Syntrx coming, and between that, the Lyra, OT and A4, I’m not going to miss my Euro gear.

Maybe I’ll get into Buchla or Serge when I can also afford a bigger and newer boat…

I facepalm often when I see cases with $10,000+ worth of modules and not a single utility to be found. No multiples, no attenuators, nothing. Just flashy premium module after flashy premium module. All I can think is that they must have no idea how any of it works and just do random patching.

My case is mostly utilities, VCA’s, and modulators. I probably have too many filters but I just like different filter flavors.

I agree that you should go down that path unless you know why you want to.

If you want patchable stuff go with a semi-modular like the 0-coast or Moog stuff like DFAM, or even a Grandmother.

Also something like a B-2600 would be a great learning experience and give you a wide range of sounds without having to patch if you didn’t want to.


This is always solid advice, and might be especially useful for you @Zeeandthelostboys given the pieces you already have (drum machine and mono bass synth).

If you want to dabble in modular without completely selling your soul to it, the Make Noise 0-Coast might be a good option. Besides the VCO, the 0-Coast gives you a couple of envelopes to play with, a random source, some CV mixing/attenuating, and other useful stuff. Plus you can sequence it with MIDI so it’d fit well with the rest of your setup.

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Out of curiosity, I ran some numbers. My categories are somewhat arbitrary and some modules fall into several of them, but roughly:

25% modulation shapers and utilities
25% modulation sources (envelopes, LFOs, sequencer)
14% sound sources (that’s two modules)
9% sound shapers (filters, LPG, delay)
9% mixers
7% interfaces to/from rack
6% VCAs
5% oscilloscope

I probably don’t have enough VCAs. But I worked hard to make those numbers reasonable. I don’t know that everyone does.

Not going to argue with the suggestion of a Digitone.

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Right? And “big” (influencerwise) names too. I see those and I’m like “Ok well that’s going to a boring slog.” No dynamics, no movement, just static sound that goes nowhere.

I have two sound sources and the rest is modulation, vca and utility in 150HP. I have a 3x MIA on the way but I’m concerned I should have gone for the 3X VCA instead. :confused: It’s mostly for cv use only so should be ok. it’s still 2021 after all…

I get way too excited over clever utilities.

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