Looper VST(3)/AU FX recommendations?

Hi All,

As in the title I’m looking for some Looper FX insert VST(3)/AU recommendations.

Audio Damage Enso was the first one I found.

My reasoning has to do with filling gaps between Ableton Live and Studio One 5.
I’ve been hopping between the two DAWs and there are many things I love about working in Studio One 5, maybe even prefer it in a lot of ways.

Basically I’m trying to fill some gaps from things I do in Ableton Live.

The looper plugin is to hopefully allow me to experiment with different loop lengths and moving that loop along a recording to catch nice sounding loops from a longer recording.

Studio One 5 has slip editing which is similar but it’s not quantized and also doesn’t do poly rhythmic tracks outside of “Patterns” which are MIDI only.

Enso seems to fit the bill okay but I’d like to make sure I’m not missing others that you folks might be able to recommend.

I’ll also post others I find here that seem worthwhile. So far just Enso.

It honestly doesn’t seem like there are a lot of options that are high quality :confused:

So what’s your favorite Looper VST FX if any?

I quite like Ableton’s built-in looper. It’s surprisingly powerful, with the advantage that you can just drag the loop out and use it as a clip.

On iOS there are plenty of loopers. If you’re using a Mac, then the latest beta of Ableton can run AUv3 audio units, and from there, some iOS loopers. The best is Loopy Pro, but unfortunately you also need the beta of that to run it on the Mac.

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In Ableton Live it’s no issue for me to just set a loop length in a clip and then move the loop along the audio sample to find nice little loops. The clip keeps looping regardless of the length or position.

In linear DAW’s (which I like for other reasons, arranging and better mixer overview etc…), It’s not as simple to find these little loop clips in the context of a song.

I have to set the event length
Ghost copy them to fill the loop
Then select all of them and “slip edit”

If I want to change the audio loop length
I have to delete all of the ghost clips
Change the length of the event
Ghost copy them to fill the loop
Then slip edit again.

VS Ableton Live:

Set loop length
move loop marker around inside the audio clip.

I’d love drag and drop of the audio from the plugin but that seems to be asking too much for the looper plugins out there.

I’m trying to limit my hopping from Ableton Live and Studio One by filling some gaps with plugins in Studio One basically.

The AUv3 iOS thing seems like an option when I get my M1 and everyone is on board.

If on iOS/M1 Mac, Loopy Pro and Gauss Field Looper. The former for about anything you could ever imagine to do with looping and the latter for tape style sound-on-sound washes.

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I am interested in this topic as well. I have not used any looper plugins but am interested in trying one out. In addition to Enso, the other one I’ve seen recommended (but have not tried yet) is Melda’s MSuperLooper.
Anyone willing to share their experience with either of these plugins?

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Just to be clear, I’m talking about Ableton’s Looper plugin, not just its session clips:


This lets you drag out clips.

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BLEASS Sample Wiz 2 does this well. Can isolate an area, has granular engine playback and other effects as well.

Waves Cr8 sampler is a good sample player with interesting options.

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The Enso demo is pretty fair. 20 minutes of functionality until you have to re-load it.

I’m probably just going to pick up Enso. It covers my particular needs and there doesn’t seem to be much else out there.

Plus I personally think Audio Damage makes unique high quality plugins. Demo seems to be getting the job done for me :slight_smile:

Agreed on the quality of Audio Damage. I have only used Quanta, but it is solid.

Will check out the Enso demo.

Definitely want to find a DAW-agnostic solution rather than something I can only do in Ableton.

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