Loose screw inside Digitakt : (

So I have been saving up for the digitakt for a very long while now. I have been studying hard at school to make my parents proud so they would help me out a little with the payment. I worked at a surströmming factory during the summer period (i moved to Luleå here in Sweden just so I could work there, I normally live in Västerås) and finaly. i got the digitakt for christmas, made a few tracks, until i notice that a screw inside the digitakt was Loose! Well I’m just assuming it’s a screw. However, I seriously don’t want to send this back now and get a new one 2 weeks later. I have been watching cucoo or whatever his name is on YouTube every single day since 2 months ago to learn about the digitakt to master it even befor I got it. So I’m considering opening it up and removing the loose screw. My dad is very good with these things. He has been working with circuits and such befor. However, we/I need some help!

What is the process of removing the frontal panel of the digitakt, and assuming the loose screw is behind the circuit board. How do I reach it.

Is it safe?

What are the circumstances regarding warranty here? Will I damage my warranty or is elektron OK with the consumers tinkering with the inside of the unit?

A quick answer or advice would help!

Sorry for looking a bit reckless in the video. I was working over my bed so the digitakt was in a safe spot!

Jacob Olsson https://www.elektronauts.com/uploads/default/original/3X/7/f/7ff7e989d532def2b9272edfecd6341a79cea3f8.MOV

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Contact Elektron support, it’s safer.
To do so you’ll need to create an account on elektron.se and register your Digitakt.

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Really sorry to hear that Jacob, I’ll PM you with the details and I promise that you won’t have any warranty issues.


Wow thanks a lot!!!


No problem!
Lengthy instructions now in your inbox. :slight_smile:

And again, sorry for this!


I have had the same problem too… Did you need to register the DT or how did you get I touch with Simon? Cheers G

Simon contacted me. He Sent me some instructions in Swedish on how to open the device and so on so forth. It was really easy to be honest. He said that this would not effect my warranty since he works for elektron and he suggested this method to me. I didn’t have to register my digitakt

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Oh man my Digitakt was not shipped with extra spareparts, you guys are so lucky :kissing_heart:


I also have this problem, brand new Digitakt, first Elektron product. I really don’t want to send it back if I can be given instruction on safely sorting it out myself. I have opened a support ticket but not had a reply yet. Thought the forum might turn up quicker results.

TBH, I’m eally surprised at Elektron Quality control, I know this sort of thing happens with production lines, but still, seems like quite a few of these must have slipped through the net.

Cheers all.


Here are the insctructions the dude at elektron sent me. they are in swedish. But i guess you know how Google translator works :slight_smile:

Lyckligtvis är detta enkelt fixat, du behöver bara skruva loss skruvarna med insex-fattning på ovan-panelen (där alla rattar och knappar sitter helt enkelt) och öppna den som ett lock ungefär - det sitter en kabel mellan det övre kortet (som sitter fast i panelen) och det undre kortet (sitter fast i botten) och låta skruven trilla ut.

Insex-storleken är 2mm om jag minns rätt.

Jag tror inte att skruven behövs fästas igen, vi har väldigt många skruvhål i maskinerna ändå. Men om du ändå vill göra det för säkerhets skulle så kan du montera av topp-kortet genom att avlägsna kabeln från sitt fäste (röd anslutning) och kika på bottenkortet om det fattas en skruv där, eller om det kanske fattas på toppkortet.

Skruvarna inuti är dock Torx i storlek T10, lite knepigare att hitta sådan mejsel.

Glad it’s sorted, but just a small tip for the future - if you suspect that there’s a loose piece of metal inside the case, don’t turn the device on and roll the metal around inside the box - you’re relatively likely to short something with the screw freely moving around in there, and you’d end up with a much worse situation than just removing the screw :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the reply fyoum, google translated that well and it looks straightforward enough. I’d really like to hear from Elektron before trying this though, I don’t want to invalidate my guarantee. I’ve still had no reply from them, how long does it usually take for them to process a support ticket?


But what was the loose part inside?

I found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krhmcrX-jKk when I was investigating a way to address a cosmetic issue on my new DT.

If I had to guess I would say Elektron outsource the PCB, components and maybe even the case, then assemble in house, and ship out, which makes me kind of wish the offered a kit version for home assembly.

It was just a small spare screw.

Ye my dad told me the same thing hehe

I never sent them a support ticket. They contacted me within 10 minutes here on elektronauts and helped me out

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not sure if it’s a QC issue for them or not. shipping people are not kind to our toys. I had this happen to a used RYTM I bought. wasn’t a big deal and obviously an easy fix. also had it happen to a Moog Grandmother. much more involved fix as the reverb spring had pulled away the rivet from the chassis; had to send it back for repair.

in the immortal words of John Bender: “screws fall out all the time. the world’s an imperfect place.”


Support did get back to me after a while, I think they were at the Namm show at the time, so an understandable delay. Anyway, I got instruction and written permission to open the Digitakt and remove the screw, which was a trivially easy thing to do. I didn’t see any obvious place that it could have come loose from, so I’m assuming it must just be an extra screw that dropped into the box during manufacturing. All seems to work fine, so I’m leaving it at that.


Hello !
I have my digitakt in the studio for 6 month and i like it !
still a few sticky buttons !
i got it with a loose screw inside. -> no problem!
now i want to play with it, in a driving bus, and i am afraid!
maybe the screw move to much and causes a short circuit !?

I think when i open the pannel and remove
the screw my warranty is gone ?

What should i do ?
Thanks for Help or/and Infos!

contact Elektron, they will give instructions on how to open without voiding warranty or you could send it back!

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