Losing patterns when saving Project

On a few random occasions when I save a Project whilst I’m playing a pattern it seems to completely delete the pattern that I’m working on.

Any explanation for this? Or is it a known issue?

It’s happened on both most recent 1.46 Beta OS’s. Should I instead install a stable OS? Other troubleshooting tips?

Only recently bought it second-hand on e-bay, still “apparently” under warranty.
Other issues are occasional inexplicable crashes and frequent frozen data transfers, when using Transfer. Whereby I need to turn power on and off to resolve.

But yeah, in order of frustration, losing Patterns is on top of the list.
Fingers crossed this unit isn’t dud…

EDIT: Just also discovered that I lost the pattern’s Kit that I had already saved in the Project along with its accompanying custom samples from the Soundpool…

Did you saved patterns / kits?

I guess I mustn’t have. Thought that by saving the project it would naturally preserve the current state of patterns and kits?

Thanks, will watch the vid when I get time…

You shouldn’t need to save the patterns, just kits that you’ve made changes to that you want to keep… I’ve never saved project while the sequencer is going, don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

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