Lost patterns. Please help me find them!


All my patterns and samples in my project disappeared. Have no idea why. I was working from bank “A”
I pressed bank and then “midi E” by accent when trying to hook up my external keyboard to it and then my patterns disappeared leaving only an early draft of my first pattern on pattern “1”.
have saved these patterns days ago but for some reason I can’t find them anywhere now in any bank.

I am so distraught. Have spent many days an hours working on this music. I have to find those patterns.

Please, if you can help me in anyway with any info on how to recover them or even what may have happened so as not to repeat this nightmare in the future, I would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance.


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Have you been saving the project (func + settings) or just saving everything to the temp memory (func + yes)?

Yes, I have been saving it like func + yes. I though that was how you save patterns?

thanks for your speedy reply, by the way!

If it is like DN you have to save to project! not just save with quick function, that’s temp save. Save pattern, name pattern and copy pattern to +drive
You also need to unlock project 1 (presets) if you want to write down some patterns on that project, new project = toggle off to write to +drive

Ok, great to know. Thank you so much.

One more thing. Any idea how I lost them?

it’s because you did function yes! Tha’s somekind of temp save; please RTFM to understand everything!

but how? all I i was accidentally hit another bank. Or at least that’s all I think I id

I’m guessing you either cleared the bank or project you were working in.

I’ve done it before, it’s how we all learn to save the whole project.

Just one thing to try.

Hit bank, then 9.
Hit pattern, then 1.

If this achieves nothing it’s probably game over.

Sorry, stupid me. Hit bank, then 9, then 1. You don’t need to hit pattern when selecting a bank.

This instruction assumes you started out in bank A pattern 1

Thanks Fin and others. Really appreciate it.

Not coming back… Think I’m just gonna have to learn my lesson on this one. It’s Func an save project from here on out.

Theres are three basic states of save, saved to project( either as an individual pattern or as a whole project save) is perminent and any time you load a project it will be in the state it was saved. Temp save of pattern gives you a second place to return too using quick pattern reload but is not perminent so any loading of projects will wipe it, also patterns will stay in whatever state you left them when turned off so turning the machine on and working the same project will return you to where you left off even without saving anything, bare in mind that any changes you make to patterns post save will remain untill reloaded so you need to think about a whole project save before you do it or you could save a bunch of messed up patterns if not carefull.