Lost without a gate

How is there no gate? Am I missing something?

Depends of what are your specific needs for a Gate…i would mimick a stutter gate (trance style) using the LFO, traditional shapes or the user’s designed.

What could be your needings?

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You can use LFO as a gate, or slice a long sample, create linear locks, and then play around with removing trigs or changing the trig length while exploring the envelope settings.

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Thanks for your replies! Specifically, I am looking for a noise gate in the effects section.

Ah, like an audio-triggered noise gate? No, sorry. The OT has always been in need of an envelope follower, I use other gear for that but agree it’s frustrating now to have it internally.

I use lfos to approximate a gate but yeah it would be great to have a gate.
Have a look at this. It has an envelope follower along with about 15 other really important audio functions - I love this guy http://www.expert-sleepers.co.uk/disting.html
Love to hear your thoughts

WoW !!
Dis Ting rocks !!!
I want one…but I need to power-supply it !
Dogma, PLEASE can you pm me with an affordable solution to power supply it?

Could use a combination of P-locks to tell start time, attack, hold, and release to trigger the parts of the long sample and have the envelopes close before noise takes over. Would be tedious as hell if it were a long sample.

to use disting you need a eurorack ah rack. the happy ending kits are the best value. So if youve got about $400 to spend and would like sample accurate MIDI and audio - thats right sample accurate midi so if you use Ableton like me and have listened in disbelief as your tracks go in and out of sync, you need one of these. Well you need an ES-40 which is like the brain and then you have expander modules - you would need -8cv and 8Gt and the 8 MIDI module. You can run the MIDI from a CV stream but id spend the extra one hundred or so and get the dedicated module. The software also has lfos and step sequencers. Google Silent way by expert sleepers. Disting is a module that does everything and doesnt require a computer at all

I’m really impressed with that one, so much potential from such a tiny module. Must…resist…eurorack…purchase…thank god for my G2, that thing has saved me more money than I could ever possibly sell it for.

Thanks for all the suggestions! The conclusion is that there is yet no noise gate in the effects.
The Disting is great!! Nice module. I am excited for my next Eurorack purchase, an Anushri Monosynth. http://mutable-instruments.net/anushri

I came across this thread looking for an answer and figured out a work around that was sort of mentioned. I used trigless trigs to retirg the amp envelope and when need i used a p-lock to adjust the hold or release paramters. Works great actually. More finely tuned than a real noise gate.